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Oh boy!

Ok, so not sure how I made a simple statement about us turning down a load (and for good reason) solicited so many negative comments! This will teach me to keep more of the “inside” trucking information to myself. Let’s not turn this blog and website into a place of controversy and discontent. Help me keep this blog better than the average website that gets filled with garbage and divisiveness. Remember, I’m trying to show the world of trucking and all the free travel across America that comes built in with this job that is so vital to everyone.

In the meantime, I’m having one crummy day getting this next trip started and finding an empty trailer to load with! Have patience and we will get rolling when everything lines up correctly!

42 thoughts on “Oh boy!

  1. I had a old Pastor say one time, “Patience is a virtue, and a virtue is a gift from God.” Fix bless you Steve, gave a great day, and thank you for showing me parts of America I probably will never get to see in person.

  2. So very sorry about all the negative messages I always know that when you turn down a job there’s going to be a very good reason for it! 🙂

  3. What Ken Laws said. Yes. The information you share is perfectly fine.

  4. As a wise little rabbit named Thumper once said… “If you can’t say nuffin’ nice, don’t say nuffin’ at all.”

    Anyway, hope you get the next load sorted out without too much more difficulty. Looking dorward to riding aling once things are all sorted.

  5. I love the inside information. I’d ignore that one comment and keep doin what youre doin. Me and everyone else here are in support of you. Happy belated bday too. Stay cool.

  6. Steve, all the info you give us shows the true life of trucking so keep up the good interactions with your crew. Don’t let the negative stuff get you down, your true crew won’t berate you. Looks like it’s back to Riverside then points unknown. Just be safe and show us the backside of everything we saw on sat..

  7. Hey Steve there’s a saying “things happen for a reason”. That load was NOT meant to be. You just focus on what you need to do right now in this next load. You never know….maybe a better load will come across and just maybe you are meant to stay in Phoenix for an extra day.

    Things will work out the way there were meant to. Enjoy your day and safe travels.

  8. Not your fault Steve. I paraphrase Jack Nicholson aka Col. Nathan Jessup, “Some people can’t handle the truth”.

  9. Steve, thank you for the update, take your time we will be here when you start the trip, like you told me once don’t you ever let people control you. You are the best host ever and in my eyes that will never change. You are the only way I get to see such beautiful places..Hope you are able to find a trailer soon. Stay safe, take care and God bless.

    1. Well said Momma Debbie.

      1. I agree Deb

  10. Steve, please don’t change anything you’ve been doing just because of a few whiners. Most of us enjoy the info you share with us.

  11. Steve, your observations, comments, insights, and honesty are the reasons that you have so many loyal road crew members. You provide us with the real life views of the trucking industry. You are a class act and the very few negative comments should not change a thing you have done and will do to help us understand and appreciate the essential job you have!

    1. No worries nothing will change on my end

      1. This is great to hear!

  12. Like every one saids heep up the good work you will know you your loyal road Crew family are👍👍

  13. Thank you for all you do for us Steve, you are appreciated by so many people around the world. Don’t let the ‘Keyboard Warriors’ get you down, they are of no consequence and not worthy of your attention….

  14. Hi Steve, First a belated Happy Birthday! Second, Only you know what is right for you..not the haters and trouble makers. Some people just don’t appreciate all you do and the pleasures you bring to the TRUE Road Crew of this site and their are many more of us then them. I enjoy when you keep us updated with inside info. Be well and GOD Bless You!

  15. Keep up the good work Steve. I think that someone that has been driving for years has more experience then the Keyboard warrior hiding behind their screen spouting knowledge of something they know nothing about. Thanks for the education about the trucking industry. It’s been very educational and informative.

  16. I’m going to say this here because it might get lost in all the comments from yesterday. Somebody asked yesterday if he could get a trip that goes east on I-10 from Arizona. People ask questions like that occasionally-why he can’t get a trip to go to some certain place or area. Most of you know this, but some apparently don’t and need to get it straight-he cannot just decide where he wants to go all the time with his trips.

    If he hasn’t been to a certain place or area or down a certain road from an area, it probably means there just isn’t a lot of freight that goes that direction or to that area. Similarly, freight runs along certain routes frequently-like Interstate 80. There is little he can do about that. Although he has some leeway over where he goes, like for instance when he is headed back to Illinois for break, he asks for trips in that area or in that direction-and occasionally he may ask for a trip to go to some certain other area if there is one available, for the most part he has to go where the trips go. It’s important to remember that Steve is a truck driver first-and he has to keep moving to make money, even if it means he’s going over roads that he just drove recently, or has driven many times before. He doesn’t drive just to entertain us. If he’s driving over an area that you’ve just seen him drive over, or you’ve seen many times before, just remember-he’s making money so that he can keep trucking and eventually he will get trips that go places that he hasn’t been to before or not for a long time.

    So to be clear-please do not ask him questions like why don’t you get a trip that goes to such and such a place or why don’t you go a certain direction instead of another that you’ve already seen him drive. There’s probably a good reason why he doesn’t get a trip that goes to the area or direction you want to see-those kind of trips just aren’t available. If you watch long enough, you will see him go through areas you haven’t seen him drive before or haven’t for a long time. This year alone, he’s been through a part of California he hadn’t been to in a long time and a month ago went through a part of Florida he hadn’t been to in a long time. And those are just two examples, there have been other such places this year. Just keep watching, and you’ll see something you haven’t seen before. I’ve been watching for 8 years, and I still see him go places I haven’t seen him go to before.

  17. In the little church I pastor, we have a working Prayer Ministry List as a guide for our church members to use during their devotions. A young lady in our church that has a successful business, and is dependent on trucking companies for delivery and shipments. We are glad to be a part of an army of people praying the safety of you and all other truckers as you transport products across the country. I am grateful for your approach to sharing the life of a trucker.

  18. I take it, Phoenix is not a haven for available trailers.
    I guess all that truck traffic between LA and Phoenix is circular.

  19. I just want to let you know as for my pair you are welcome to just tell it like it is and for me i will accept this as just way it is!!1 Not to let shirt tail relations of Archie Bunker get the beast of you and BRT wonderful adventures God Bess And MASH-IT

  20. When you said that, you had turned down a load. I thought nothing of it. It’s your choice, and you must have a good reason too. But now we have a generation of selfish people. They don’t care why you did. It’s all about themselves wanting to watch your travel. Almost like a ‘how dare you’ attitude. You may work for a company. But you’re still the Captain! (You may not have a crew. But hey!) 😂 Try and stay cool Steve.

  21. Trucking is Steve’s job not us. We need to remember we are observer’s ….
    In a country where we can be anything …. be kind

  22. During these times, i travel with Steve, don’t complain, don’t worry, and make the best of it. i have been to areas twice, through Steve’s driving adventures. keep safe and 3’s and 8’s. many blessing when you are driving. my grandkids. when they pray before any meal, always pray “and bless the hands that have prepared this meal”. this includes the farmers, truck drives and many others, including those that work at truck stops and them that man the weigh stations. Steve, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and keep on trucking.

  23. Steve endures quite a crosscut of human nature on here. He’s pretty expert at handling them all.
    There’s the guy who wanted to meet Steve & told him his address & exit number off the freeway. (as if…)
    There’s the one or two who have asked Steve to take a big screen TV or other large item to his cousin who lived in the destination city. (Since he’s going that way)
    These memories cause me to chuckle still.

    1. Please don’t tell me one of these people also asked Steve out on a date..

  24. Although I watch almost every day, I do not always see the comments. I just wonder if some may not know he is a company driver. Even so my husband, who was an owner operator, spent majority of his time going where the company he was leased sent him. It is not a vacation it’s a job. I really enjoy watching as it’s relaxing (most of the time,get nervous in traffic situations) i like the way Steve drives as an example for everyone. Don’t let those on the sidelines bring you down. Onward!!

  25. Thank You Steve for what you do for us.

  26. Wow.. What’s gotten into “The Internet”? I can understand why you have to drop a few trips every once in awhile because they aren’t compatible with your bottom line. Don’t let all the nay saying nannies on here get to you because you know you better then we do and I’m just as happy sitting in your passenger seat enjoying wherever your trips may take all of us. I think some people don’t understand what you provide us is a privilege, not a right and in the type of country we’re dealing with now, I really enjoy the dozing off feeling of momentary peace your content brings to all of us as Your Road Crew.

    1. Amen!

  27. I’ve been following you just for a few weeks now and I can tell already you make wise choices. All things happen at the right time – you just keep doing your thing!

  28. Hi Steve! Just a short note to wish you a good day and hopes that all goes well!

  29. Also just leave short note to Cathie Z. Thanks for kind note to Steve and i in turn wish you a kind note Cathie Z appreciate you for your lol so many times Cathie z Glad someone knows a true comedian even he is unemployed at the omemnt God blessings for Steve and Cathie Z !!!!

    1. Aw JM — thank you!! I love your sense of humor! Always brightens my day!

      1. @cathie z. Looks like the highlighter you gave me broke! Can I get another one?

  30. Wow. You get sent all over the country. You must be your trucking company’s version of a utility player. Hardly ever a boring moment.

  31. Thank you for sharing a little more information of late it is very helpful for me.
    Sorry people can just not listen to your words and leave the trucking business to you.
    Thank you so very much God bless.

  32. more than likely steve that your delivery had a MORENO VALLEY address not riverside moreno valley and riverside are separate cities

    1. Well the bill of lading says Riverside. My load information says Riverside. Call it whatever city you feel like, but I go by what the paperwork lists…

  33. Thank you Steve. Please don’t change a thing

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