Updated Ocala, Florida

Ok, update….. comments are now closed on this post. Somehow, I make a post about our trips and what is going on and I come back to approve comments and find many arguments back and forth about politics. Friendly reminder, BigRigTravels is free from any political talk. Yes, each person has their own views but this isn’t the place for name calling, foul language, etc. There are countless other places on the internet to argue until everyone turns blue in the face……. do it there…..not here.

Good Friday afternoon. Guess we will go ahead and quit for the day. We only have 100 miles to go to delivery and we can’t arrive before 630pm local time. Guess we better leave some driving for tomorrow. Relax awhile, and we will get rolling again Saturday afternoon about 430pm.

13 thoughts on “Updated Ocala, Florida

  1. To answer your question, yes it’s Friday and Steve IS my favorite truck driver. 🙂 Missed the live but watching today’s trip now. Stay cool in that heat.

  2. What about the final numbers for the day? I understand that Wally the Gator successfully attacked the broadcast with the help of the buffer monsters.

  3. Be careful Steve, rumour has it that Aunt Jemima has invited some of her swamp pals around for a cheeto buffet…..

    1. not too worry Steve have put the cheeto in a lock box and he has the key so ant J can’t have any of them lol

  4. Please be very careful Steve. If you have a mask wear it. Wash your hands. Use hand sanitizer. Don’t get too close to anyone.
    Reason, Right now Florida is one of the hottest spot for the Corvid-19 , in the world.
    Monitor your health for the next two weeks and it is perhaps best to get tested for it, have the company arrange for it.
    I kid you not. You probably got the cargo because other drivers wouldn’t take it to Florida.

    I am not going to outline the reasons its a hotspot, because that is politics, but take my word for it. This is science.You are male, smoke, mid fifties you are a candidate for serious disease. Right now. At this moment. The danger level for Florida is Red.

    1. Hey Gord thanks for your concern of Steve health precautions!!! Yes for sure is very important but must correct you on one matter. Steve is non smoker!! But you are right on about the rest of your concern So Steve is off till 4:30 til leave for hour trip to Winter Haven spring training home of the Boston Red Sox Mash it oh brother Mash-It!!!

      1. Steve drives, I drove for a living. On and around the highway, there are enough exhaust fumes to make every day similar to a pack of cigarettes. Plus if you aren’t paying attention, he coughs. I hope its just allergies. But it does indicate stress on the lungs.

        1. Thanks again for concerns Gord!!! Yes he has a chronic cough but i just chalk that up to cheeto dust circulating in cab!!! But yes good thing your concern for Steve!!! Mash-It Brother Mash-It!!!

  5. And, if for any reason you must step out of your rig in Orange County, you must wear a face covering.
    It is mandatory. Be safe, Steve!

  6. We welcome you back to sunny Florida – where everyone is good looking.

    Just for grim grins. Tiny Polk County Florida (right next to Orange) has since March 1st – 3,286 positive COVID cases running around town, 459 in hospitals, 402 cases just detected today, and 93 deaths. To those who have chronic respiratory problems, it is advised ‘not to go out’ PERIOD!

    Neighboring Orange County is much, much worse. Add to that the excessive heat index that is above 100+ today.

    Stay extremely safe Steve! Get out of Dodge as quickly the roads will allow. Collect your hazardous duty pay at the border on your way North.

    1. Howdy Yellowstone! We were getting hazardous pay but it has now stopped 🙁 Good to see ya!

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