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Good evening from the delivery in Sanford, North Carolina. We loaded up this morning then ran straight here to deliver. Our actual delivery appointment was set for Saturday morning at 7am but because it would make our next trip impossible, they agreed to let us into delivery tonight. We have dropped our trailer and sometime tonight they will unload it and we will be free to go in the morning towards the next trip which is now posted. Here’s a couple of things to remember…..

First, we may not go exactly the way the trip maps are drawn. Sometimes, especially when the backroads are involved, it isn’t always clear cut until I get in the area and deal with things as they unfold. Other times, deviations occur because our fuel locations change. Remember, I may not always have the time to adjust and redraw the map every time it changes. Just enjoy the ride and relax, and don’t get all caught up in finding every little fault or discrepancy with the trips, routes, when I depart, when or where I take breaks, etc. I do things for a reason such as making the timing work for other loads, work with customers and who will or will not take us early or late and all that. Remember, trucking changes in an instant and I have to attend to business first – not play with the website. As it is, we already provide you with way more information than any other trucking website in the world (to those that are willing to help themselves and find it)! Be happy with that!

Another thing to consider, is the signal quality and buffering. We broadcast at 720×1280 period. We can’t go higher quality than that through a mobile device. Signal is always dependent upon cell tower availability and congestion as well as terrain and all the regular things that can affect quality. Guess what? It does take “two to tango” meaning if you experience buffering, it isn’t always on my end. Your device must download the video stream as well so it may be your towers being congested or your location, or even how many other things you have your device doing at the time.

During this time of social distancing, and people working from home remember there is now way more bandwidth being used up all around the world. People are staying home and doing Facebook, watching videos, streaming Netflix, Disney, YouTube, etc. This means there is a lot less tower bandwidth and more congestion for us to broadcast – and less for you to download our stream to your device. Have patience, realize what’s going on, and enjoy what you can. If things get too bad and we are not able to broadcast, remember you can watch the snowman and the GPS data is still available, or check out some of our archived streams.

16 thoughts on “North Carolina – A Long Blog

  1. Thanks for the explanation, although it pains me that you have to even explain yourself. My husband and I like the backroads and different routes that you take on your journey and we are glad to be along for the ride. We look forward to watching you live if we are able or the playbacks if we can’t watch live. Stay safe out there during these times and thank you for what you do everyday.

  2. Thanks Steve

    I love the back roads You get to see the cute little towns along the way wish you can really do from the interstate

  3. Hi Steve,

    Well said, We the viewers must find the patience and enjoy the ride. Safety 1st, Work 2nd Entertainment 3rd. With the concerns in the States right now patience is a must.
    Enjoy riding with you Steve !! Be safe !.👌

  4. Hi, Steve!
    I’m so glad, I found this page 🙂 It’s a pleasurd for me as a european citizen to watch all this nice places in the US first hand 🙂 And I love the sound of your truck and your voice, when you explain things etc.

    Thanx much!


  5. Steve, I am not complaining, I enjoy the little towns you go through, it does not matter to me which route you take, Im just glad that you take me along on the ride, I have seen so many different places because of you, and some of the scenery is out of this world. Cant wait for summer to come to see all these places in bloom. We are all experiencing congestion at this time, and not all of that is coming from your end. We all just need to grin and bear it and know that you are doing the best you can.. Safe journeys and God bless

  6. Steve Thanks for the update, and we all appreciate your hard work aswell as your day job ,Stay safe take Care Cyber .

  7. Hi Steve
    I agree with you to 100%, they must end with all stupid comments. I live in Sweden and have driven Mc-Touring for many years, but no longer. One thing I like about your movies is the sound of your truck, no music while driving and no timelapse.
    Many thanks!

  8. Your classification of a backroad is entirely different in my experience. Four lane divided highway, no don’t cut it. Makes the city people happy and that you have to satisfy. My backroads don’t have asphalt or painted lines or dividing grassy boulevards. But its fun anyway, to go off the usual routes. Cut across the back country, the hinterland, the spine of every nation.

    Anyway in regard to the buffering problem. I found that your BRT website has far less buffering problem than the Youtube site. Sometimes I think it might be chat and the good peoplein chat putting up those emoticons icons. No chat less problems.

    You are doing a great job Steve. If you get a load of ventilators going from a warehouse or plant to a hospital remember to throw out the ELD and hours. I think that’s what the government was referring to when they said to waive the time restrictions. Those machines are sorely needed right now. I realize that your trucking firm specializes in reefer food produce but when the government catches on how good you guys are they will start shipping essentials like ventilators through you.

    Great job. Love the SE USA .

  9. Message to MysticWolf. “Stay left, stay right, stay left, stay right. Do the hokey pokey and turn your self around.” Many times you make comments in chat that make me say… “get out of my head!” Scary. 🙂

  10. Hey Steve It’s Peter L. Just wanted to say i’m new to your broadcasts and website. I absolutely love it. Getting to see our great country. I’m a firefighter/emt and watching your daily travels is a great way to relieve stress, especially in these rough time So thanks for that. Safe travels always.

  11. Yep, my cell phone has been dropping and restarting like crazy everytime I try to use or play one of my apps because of the massive use of bandwidth being consumed right now. My battery to give you an idea is being taken to lunch everytime it drops and restarts because again, the bandwidth is so insanely heavy now. Our area just got put under a stay at home order yesterday and we have a midnight to six am curfew here which I have used to walk around my street and see how bizarre it is to be under curfew when there is no natural disaster which is responsible.

    My point is..

    I’m really happy to be riding along with you to see the country when we’re in a time of true uncertainty and untruthful information. The reality is, our president wants us back to work after Easter and I have faith he will not let this go on any longer then it has to and my business, my parent’s business and my sister in law’s business all depend on what happens the next couple of weeks. We want to get back to work like you, we don’t want to be a part of this but are forced to be and that is the real virus which needs to be eradicated. But until then, I’m glad people like you are sharing the travels so we can relax and take our minds to a better place.

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