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No Time!

Afternoon ya’ll! It sure was an adventure this morning! Did you see all those accidents and vehicles in the ditches just East of Buffalo? It sure was slick and then that brown car came around us on a bridge and changed lanes in front of us on the ice and spun out right into the ditch! Man, that sure is a crummy feeling when that happens knowing that if I use my brakes, I will slide and possibly jackknife too! Thankfully she totally went off the highway and we were able to maintain and roll:)

We will drop this trailer tomorrow morning then start our next trip! We stopped tonight with only 23 minutes left on our 70 but will start gaining back some good hours tomorrow. I am so glad there was parking for us this afternoon. This is always a big mess for parking and I thought we might not have a space, then we would run out of hours. Nope, there was one spot made just for us – super easy to back into and when we do leave in the morning, we can pull out without worrying if anybody is going to block us in! WooHoo! See ya in the morning!