No drive today

Howdy. We will not be driving today. I am getting rest and sleeping trying to get rid of this junk once again. Not sure what will happen with this load, perhaps a repower or delivery appointment change.

24 thoughts on “No drive today

  1. Hope you feel better very soon Steve, could tell how you were suffering yesterday. Have a good rest and thank you for all you do.

  2. Steve — I’m so glad you decided not to drive today — you need to recouperate! I hope you get better quickly — and thank you so much for this beautiful hymn! By the way — your Road Crew in chat had no probs with the chat yesterday — I know you were wondering about that. Hopefully YT will get their act together for you! Thanks so much for the drive yesterday — I enjoyed it. Enjoy your day off and rest, rest, rest!!

  3. Hope you feel better soon, you sounded terrible yesterday and I don’t mean your singing…A good sleep and a dose of good old fashioned fresh air should do the trick..Take care and see you soon…

  4. Hope for your soon recovery Steve! Stay in warm, take care! (garlic & ginger are good). If it’s possible, have a blessed Sunday👋

  5. That’s alright for you since you’re so sick. Hopefully, you can shake this thing today & tonight! I agree on you getting some Contact capsules or Nyquil or an Equate version or the likes to help you beat this thing & rest. Will the “bosses” reschedule your delivery without giving you any flack? They should understand as dependable & dedicated as you are. Is this your last run before your time off?

  6. Glad you’re taking the time to get better! You know the drill, plenty of liquids and soups, and whatever otc meds work best for you. Was mighty concerned about you yesterday, and have you on my prayer list for a full and speedy recovery!

    If you still can’t see yesterday’s chat, know we were all concerned and pulling for you! Do take care, and thank you for everything you do, you are the best host!

  7. That was a beautiful song in your Sunday video Steve. I pray heaven is showering down quick healing and recovery upon you now and safe travels on all your trips. Thanks for your extreme dedication you show to the worldwide road crew everyday.

  8. Steve that thing to get lots rest it. I notice it was in your throat. My family has problem too and what Doctor Robin is does I give Alka Seltzer Pulse its for Day and Night and them cup of tea with honey and take care the problem. We all will survive not hearing or seeing on you tube. I will say special prayer for you to help to get speedy recover. Thanks lovey song.
    Steve get plenty rest my friend and I hope better soon.
    Robin ( Road Crew in Port Charlotte, FL)

  9. Lousy way to get a day off and a restart. You have been sounding froggy lately. Hope it’s a quick recovery. I developed bronchitis in some of the trucks I was in over the years. The HVAC evaporators did not drain properly, usually being plugged then spilling the condensate on the floor. Mold later followed. Anything is possible even with a new truck. Simple green makes a spray cleaner for the heater-a/c box that worked for me.

  10. So sorry this has come upon you, Steve! No worse place to be than on the road in a truck when you’re feeling so bad. Get plenty of rest, and, if you can get some, take LOADS of Vitamin C. That always works for us! We hope and pray you will get well soon. Love and best wishes from us here in Florida.

  11. Hey Steve so sorry for the latest hiccup-speed bump glitch-unexpected trouble.But to quote a time worn saying—this too shall pass.Hang in there and you know how much we care for you Steve.Heres hoping they get you on road\soon Looking for Mash- It soon

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