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NO 2am travel!

So, all day I’ve been asking my dispatch about holiday hours and to verify if our Preloaded trailer will be ready for us to roll with. Remember,  we were told 430am delivery/shipper would close but if we left at 2am, we’d barely make it.

Well, I decided to call customer myself to find out the trailer loading status. It is in fact ready. But…they close the gates tonight at 10pm and nobody would be there, not even guards, until Friday morning. So, no point in me rushing to get there since we have no hours tonight.

So, just called our bosses to tell them the message from dispatch was bogus and that they really close tonight so our next trip can’t even be picked up until Friday therefore the next delivery at 6am Friday is impossible.

This means we will not be rolling out at 2am to save the next trip. Because of us only having 13 minutes left and the misinformation about actual customer hours, we will just mosey closer sometime Thursday so we can be in position to deliver and reload Friday. Good. I really wasn’t looking forward to a 2am drive – in this case – for absolutely nothing!