Morning. Very early morning! Wow, I can’t believe I finally get to go to bed for awhile! This has been one messed up trip indeed! First we were sitting around all day and night yesterday then the load got ready about 4pm. Then we had to drive the whole thing overnight to make it to our delivery ontime. We made it alright, early! BUT, even though the delivery was booked as a live unload, they said I had to drop the trailer, they do not even do live loads. GREAT! I forgot to fuel the trailer for dropping! Before they let me in the gate, I had to go 20 miles down the road to get fuel! Then we go back to the delivery and make our drop. The problem is now they do not have an empty! Plus, since all my computer work is listed as LIVE… won’t accept the fact that I did drop instead. Of course I can’t complete the computer work until bosses change the trip order to drop.

Man, I am doggy tired! I don’t know what we are doing next until we figure out the mess we have already. For now, I am going to bed at this little corner store….bobtail.