New trip

Afternoon everyone. We have our next two trips lined up. First one is posted but doesn’t deliver until very early Monday morning. We will head to Rochelle to pick up our load then spend a night at the house. Also, the new photography website now has the New Mexico galleries opened up!

6 thoughts on “New trip

  1. Alright, Steve. It’s great you’re getting a night at the house! I hope the second trip is a long one to help with the paycheck. Take care, my Friend!

  2. hi Steve is this the same trip too Chicago, IL that you did not want too do the other day due to all the protesting ? or is this other trip some where else in Chicago, IL ?

  3. Like David I suspect that this is the same delivery that you didn’t want to go near when you parked at Gary. When I drove I hated turning down jobs because it put you on the dispatcher/planners black list. You had the very legitimate reason which was the seventy hour clock was gassed and it was not a smart idea to go into Chicago with such short time. I always found that it mattered little what heroics and genuine good work I had done in the previous ten years. One refusal and vooom to the bottom of the list.

    Still I hope that is tonight. I love night work when I drove. So I will try to get up with the bats, and connect at 2am Central. This is a different broadcast. Night time, big rig, sneaking into Chicago. And please if you can hold onto the delivery point cut off until very close. It is night. Hope to be with you.

  4. Watch out Steve, protesters are out again in major cities. Use the bypasses where you can. Be safe.

  5. Nobody worries about genuine protestors.
    Its these arsons, plunderers, rioters, brick throwers, window breaking, lying, graffiti artists, history-illiterate, druggie, cry babies who imagine…who the heck knows WHAT

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