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  1. Good Morning Stephen, just had a quick question to ask you if I may and kinda wanted to ask you this before I forget about it,
    I know that quite often that you have to use those CAT scales to get your truck weighed, and that once you arrive at one, you have to talk to the cashier and then go through the rest of the process which they say can sometimes take a good hour, I found out today that for your smartphone, there is an actual app you can download and use to get all the necessary weights for all the parts of your truck, and from the video I saw about the app, you Dont even have to talk with the cashier via the device that you normally use outside of the drivers window, the question that I have is, do you actually use this app whenever you use a CAT scale or is this the 1st time you have ever about it, cause from what I see, this app can save a whole bunch of time, the process is actually a lot quicker than actually speaking with the cashier. The app is actually called Weigh my Truck, and you can get it from either the play store on your phone or at weighmytruck.com and the next best part is that after is completed, your ticket is actually emailed to your phone, or if you would like you can actually go inside probably just like your normally do a get a ticket from the cashier, but the main thing is that this app really looks like something that can save you a whole bunch of time whenever you have to use a CAT scale, just thought I’d let you know about this, Take care Stephen and have fun out there on the highway……..

      1. Yep sure do, but just the last times that I have you have always used that device that you actually talk to the cashiers with, but the main thing is, that Phone app really is a handy thing for this isnt it??????

  2. So glad you are not going to Cali! Hey, did you know they make heated wipers for big rigs? Maybe you could have them installed on the next truck you get. Have a nice trip!

  3. Wow complete 180° from San Diego now heading to PA! Much better weather where you are at least for now. Dark gloomy and a cold 36° with a cold rain with icy spots here 🙁 Safe travels as you head east.

  4. hi steve if your going too be snowed in on sunday day and shutdown may be you can sneak in that 34hr restart then that way we can have a nic clean set of 70hrs to work with

  5. Gidday from N.Z Steve, hey I know that your truck is an auto but does it still have a clutch for starting up?

  6. hi steve i think it would have been more fun at the truck stop at iowa 80 at least then we be able too watch the trucks go buy and watch the snowstorm at the same time and you would have been able too sneak in the 34hr restart good call on getting ahead of the storm how ever was a little disappointed has i was in fact was looking foreword too watching the snowstorm and trucks going buy on the web came today at that truck stop

    oh well gust there will be other snowstorm where we can do that right steve ?

    1. The object of trucking isn’t really to sit and wait for storms to shut us down, but rather do what I can to keep moving forward to delivery as safely as possible

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