Nebraska Nights

Morning! We will head to the shipper in just a few minutes. Our appointment is not until 11pm tonight,  and once loaded, we will have to run towards Utah as fast as we can. Yup, this means overnight drives. Now, we could be lucky and it be ready earlier than 11pm, but we have to always plan on the worst situation but hope for the best.

5 thoughts on “Nebraska Nights

  1. Please be careful on the night drive! We are going on our 7th week of #StaySafeStayHome so your & YouTube are saving us from cabin fever! You are a true Patriot for keeping our store shelves stocked. Thank you for all you do!

  2. So when its time to retire off the road you finding a couple corner acres in Belvidere and putting up your own Love’s? Big Rig Truck Stop.

    Anyway, I wish to mention something that was missed in the River Chat. Sometme again have a mystery destination. Every coffee stop. Announce a clue. You can get the clues from Wikipedia.

    Night travel. I used to do the Courier Line Hauls. I get all what you said. Not a fan of night driving either, but I doubled up the coffee breaks. Every two hours I stopped five minutes for a break.

  3. Trust me Steve, the worst happened last time you were in Schuyler. I remember the shipper being backed up to the point that you had to wait 24 hours for the new load.

  4. Re: Audio

    We know you’re trying. And no matter what anyone says, you’ll continue to try. It should be pointed out that I drove for years too. And here’s the conclusion.

    TRucks ARE Noisy! Noises are the truck, the road, talking to you. Its a truck. Its Big Rig, Not Black Continental.

  5. Re: Audio

    Sorry to bother you Steve.

    My dad was a Ham radio guy. I worked in TV studio. The static sound sounds like a problem with grounding. one or all sections/modules of your broadcast equiy pment needs to dump extra charge, so I am really believing its grounding connection in a jack (new jack)

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