My eyes!

Good morning from California!! We started driving the mountains and over Donner’s Pass in the dark. Yesterday, you could start to see and feel the smoke from the King fire! This morning the smoke was pretty thick and at one point I could see the bright orange glow in the clouds! Then we went through a few miles of rain and came down the mountains to our deliveries. Cool, cloudy and misty here this morning. I sure hope this rain helps put out that fire. I looked on the California Forestry website and they give full details and maps of the affected areas. Can you believe 96,000 acres burned so far? And more than 7,100 fire fighters are battling the blaze and are using more than 100 helicopters? Wow, I didn’t know all that!

Anyway, we have two deliveries then we get to work on our next trip! Can you say beautiful mountains and scenery coming up? =-O