Monday Update

Well we are still waiting for some results from last week. The good stuff is the cameras in the top and bottom tracts look irritated, but otherwise good. The brain MRI turned up nothing but a cat hair ball and a small cat toy. Nothing else could be found! (GRIN). I get to take home a CD of the entire brain! Man, that thing was loud, sometimes it even shook the bed/table. I can see how some people would panic. very closed in tube, they cage your head, then the loud and different noises!

They are working on the crummy stuff such as the C-diff that came back, but now going away, some fluid in lungs, and we are talking fluid on top of heart. They are watching it, not enough to be concerned yet. The blood is still goofy, now they put me on fluid restriction because I am washing out stuff I need! Great, all my life they tell me to drink more now they limit me to 800ml water in 24 hours!

That is where we are at today. The nurse even took me for my first walk out of the room this morning! It was nice to walk and look at things other than my laptop or tv! We might go for another walk around the floor later.

-Down but not out-BigRigSteve