Monday Memories 

Good Monday morning! We finally got loaded yesterday after having to sit a few days. Sitting wasn’t so bad though since I did manage to get not one, but two Segway rides in! Also,  I was able to upload 14 California galleries using 27Gb of free data. I’d say that is fair since parking costs $15/day. I also got the tractor nice and washed. Looks all nice and shiney now!

Yesterday we were running behind schedule because they made our delivery way to soon and we would never make it. It didn’t even take any fghts this time, they changed it to something more reasonable by the time I woke up!

Today is going to be a nice ride, moreso than most. Why? Well,  we have been up North into Oregon from California just twice before that I can recall.  I remember the first time I went up through Northern California….  Before broadcasting,  before videos,  all we had was the snowman pushing out photos.  This time around we will be broadcasting in Live HD! Follow the links below for my photography of the first visit through,  back when trucking was new to me and the website was very young! Perhaps we will revisit something today.  Enjoy the ride!

California Rest Area
The Gravel Trail
Pollard Gulch
Memorial Sculptures 

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