Mobile Test

Well good Saturday evening to ya Road Crew! We are enjoying our last few days in the hotel. I have made incredible progress in my health. Everyone (supposedly) has the forms they needed and we have been cleared by safety! Today was a beautiful day outside with a slight breeze and pure sun! I do some walking everyday and today we walked 2.2 miles and felt very good when we came back to the room!! I am sorting through things to get ready for the road. I have been using as much of the hotel free internet as I can!

Mobile device users…..I know there are issues on some mobile devices. I have been playing around are may have come up with a no frills version to view the panoramas. Keep in mind this is a TEST ONLY. Try out the link ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE….and see if it shows up and works properly. If it does, I might make an alternative way to display panoramas for mobiles…..