Midnight Madness 

Morning!  Afternoon!  Midnight? 

Howdy. After we got done driving this morning,  we hid out near our delivery to wait, until now, for our delivery.  We are currently in our door getting unloaded.  I just love the midnight deliveries at grocery warehouses! About 750 trucks all coming in at once, all blocking the way, all standing in line to check in and hire lumpers. So maybe not really 750, but it is still a very crowded zoo around here tonight!  I took a nap earlier but it’s still not easy to be up running around at midnight!  

We already have our next two trips lined up and the next loading appointment is around lunch Tuesday with a fast delivery before the birds wake up on Wednesday.  After we get done unloading here, we will run to our hiding spot and catch another nap until it’s time to load again.  

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