Mickie is moving!

Hey everyone. We just got released from our delivery this morning and are waiting for the next trip. As the title suggests, yup Disneyland is moving from California to Texas!

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      1. 😂😂lol true! All those funny figures fit better to californian snobbish, ivory-towered “high-society”;)

  1. While in Plano back in the ’90s it was a real story that Disney had bought property north of Dallas – presumably north of Plano. Now whether the land was for a future amusement site is uncertain. But the story then was real.

  2. If it were true this would be the smartest move Disney could do.Get out of the wacky left coast and move to tax friendly Texas.

  3. Sad I keep getting the same message at work when I try to access your site. Saying something like this websites TLS settings are not up to date (something like that ) so I can’t watch. This is any browser (IE, Chrome, Edge). Could just be my IT department blocking the site, amongst many others. Is there a possible workaround?

    1. GM from PA – I am not sure how much access your IT department (no access have them do it for you) allows you to have on your company computer but if you can open the Control Panel and check your TLS settings.
      Hold down the Windows logo key and press r. The RUN gui will open. Type the word control in the text box, click OK.
      When the Control Panel opens go to Network and Internet -> Internet Options. Select the Advance tab and scroll down until you find the Security section where the TLS versions can be selected. Make sure there is a check mark by TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2. TLS 2.0 and TLS 3.0 should not be checked if available. Click Apply and restart your browsers and try again.

      1. I appreciate the help Sue! I think it’s something I can’t control as lots of sites with streaming media and related items have been blocked lately. I did actually try just exactly what you mentioned but no luck. All of these settings were like they should be to work. Missing all the fun ho hum 🙁

  4. Actually saw an ol’ C*****l trailer pass by today! Seems more and more of the company’s trailers are with the new name. It was nice to see the old name again and it’s frosty logo.

  5. We really, really don’t want Disneyland in Texas, so it’s a relief that it’s just another lie.
    I just can’t understand why so many people love lying so much. Where’s the fun in it.? With some folks you know positively they are lying if their lips are moving. It’s disgusting.

  6. Do me a huge favor.. We’re tired of California ruining our big cities with their problems they are running away from and we especially don’t take kindly to PEDOPHILES like Disney thinking they can spread their filth here.

      1. Walt was a three fourth Mason of the high elite Masons secret society who is in charge of all of the world. It’s a real shame too because I met someone years ago whose relative’s father in law was the voice of Mickey Mouse who ended up marrying the voice of Minnie Mouse. Her father was pretty high up in disney and she herself was an animator for them in Southern California. She was a really nice lady whose father I told you about lived right around the corner of our street in a one story house that mom had for sale because the client knew us since we live in the same neighborhood as her father did. Anyway, I brought all my Disney movies I have over to the daughter and she told me she did work a little on Fantasia, but not the other ones I have like Jungle Book, Aladdin, Return of Jafar.. ect. Her name was Kim Knowlton and you can look her up because she also was a movie prop person for Star Wars Trilogy. I should have gotten her autograph, but the whole thing was a really stressful time for her, so I just enjoyed getting to meet her.

        It’s people like her who I feel the most frustrated for because I know not everyone who worked for Disney was into their disgusting side and did the job because they loved what they did and what they got to share with kids like me.

        1. Andrew – In the late ’30s to early ’40s my Mom was an Illustrator for Disney. In the mid-’40s we lived next door to a guy in St Johns who was a Disney voice. His family also owned the ‘Blue Bird’. Could this be the same town?

          1. It could be, though the client I told you about is in the Anaheim area and has lived there for many years. She did know the voice of the original Mickey Mouse, but couldn’t remember his name. If i remember right from what she told me, the guy who played Mickey’s voice was really passionate about his craft and he was actually a try out for the voice after Walt stopped doing it. They only wanted people who could do Mickey’s voice, so they would have these sort of narrator workshops which would determine who was going to play Mickey based on the most accurate voice of him.

  7. Andrew – In the late ’30s to early ’40s my Mom was an Illustrator for Disney. In the mid-’40s we lived next door to a guy in St Johns who was a Disney voice. His family also owned the ‘Blue Bird’. Could this be the same town?

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