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Lost Stream! OH no

Hey! The phone kept cool and we were still broadcasting when we got back to the truck and turned the air on. Apparently we were 1 minute too late because the phone did overheat.

Anyway , I was on the fence about if we should stop or keep going today. Really not enough time to reach Atlanta, and even if we did, the horrible Friday traffic and no truck parking would not make any advancement worthwhile. We will continue on in the morning, drop this trailer and get loaded at the next shipper and see how far we get for trip number two!

The numbers for today are: 53:53 left on 70, 2:49 left on 14, 2:58 left on 11. 402 miles covered today plus the live load this morning. See everyone tomorrow morning and we will truck all weekend!

8 thoughts on “Lost Stream! OH no

  1. Thanks Steve.

    1. Thanks for the update Steve, enjoy a well earned rest.

  2. Have a restful evening Steve and Crew!

  3. Thanks for today and we look forward to tomorrow’s ride Steve. Have fun.

  4. Be safe Steve

  5. Steve, coming into your stop, I knew that you would have to make a decision on either staying at the TA for the day or continuing to Atlanta. Looks like the phone made the decision for you. 🙂

    Any hint on our next trip?

  6. Thanks a bunch Steve for venting your displeasure at TA ….. They should be making coffee 24/7 to serve truckers and the general public. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Have a safe & good trip today.

  7. Thanks for the info Steve!

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