Look out below…..!

Oops! So we had several trips all lined up and we have been busy with one trip after another. All short but as I mentioned before, not everybody that needs food and supplies lives 1,500 miles from the shippers. Local folks and regional customers require food too ya know.

So, why lookout below? Well the stack of trips just came tumbling down due to a scheduling error at our delivery. This morning we arrived at the delivery location in Fort Wayne, Indiana but we were sent to the wrong warehouse. We had already been sitting in the door to the first warehouse an hour before they told us we didn’t belong there. We have since moved to another warehouse building but since they didn’t have us on their schedule, we are being considered a work in meaning they will get to us when they can. The unloaders already informed me to start cooking lunch and make plans for dinner too! haha. So the stack of trips just came tumbling down since there is no way we will reach our next shipper in time, and definitely no hope of making the next trip deliver on time. Not sure of the plans just yet concerning if the next appointments get moved or if we will lose the trips altogether but as soon as I find something out, I’ll let ya know. As of now, we haven’t even started to unload our current trip yet…..

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  1. OK Steve! Thanks for letting us know — and I hope everything gets straightened out for you!

  2. one would expect if they make an error, that they would do anything to
    make that error undone by unloading you immediately once you are in a door ??
    they make an error and you need to pay for that.. sounds wrong to me ..

  3. I think the trips all need too be drop and hock trips it would make things a little easier for you has you be able too get in drop it and move on out and on too your next trip

  4. Hopefully they get you a load of 40,000lbs of toilet paper. lol There’s none in the stores!

    1. Hey this is quite a ironic happening–news just reported load of toilet paper in Dallas area burned up.Just thought all the talk of TP in these desperate times and of all things–trailer load goes yp in smoke..Heres hoping your next trips can get back to some semblance of normalcy God Bless!!!

  5. My hat is off to all truckers in these times. As Socrates said, “A ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” Stay safe and keep on trucking!!

  6. “Mama said there’d be days like this!” Hang in there, Steve. Thank you for helping keeping our shelves stocked during this busy and challenging days. You are a Patriot, for sure!

  7. Back in the 1980s, I did computer work for Buick City in Flint Michigan. The guard shack had a terminal, and if we had an electronic advance shipment notification (ASN), the truck was sent directly to a door to unload. If not, the truck was sent to a building where staff would look at the bill of lading and enter the contents of the truck manually. The least cooperative suppliers were GMs own subsidiaries (AC Delco for instance) who used their own part numbers and refused to use the industry standard AIAG bar codes.

    Once the warehouse was up and running, but line speed still ramping up, I (on my own initiative) ran an inventory report of items that had been in the warehouse for more than 30 days. The warehouse was designed to reduce congestion at the docks, not for long term storage. Among the other problems this found, we were storing truck parts inteneed for the Chevy plant across town. The receivers did not notice the delivery address was wrong and the parts were not used in Buicks. So they just created an electronic version of the bill of lading and stuffed the pallets on the racks. Undoubtedly, the Chevy plant was running around trying to find their missing parts. Shocking that GM went through bankruptcy.

  8. That was just messed up. Be honest….did you cut the cam off for a minute and cuss like a madman?? Don’t know why YOU had to pay for someone else’s mistake.

    1. Are you recent to Steve’s broadcast? If so, welcome. 😀
      I asked becuz most know Steve is a Christian & don’t cuss. I can’t think of a single instance cussing ever helped anyone — just a waste of breath.

  9. TK a very wonderful response for that question about Steve getting upset.I greatly appreciate what your very complimentary answer to Sandra!!! God Bless!!

  10. TK, I am recent. You were very kind in the way you approached my comment. I as well think cussing is a waste of breath, I as well am a Christian. I only made that comment because the first video I watched of Steve, he had a slip of the tongue, which most of us have, that he repeatedly apologized for. I meant no disrespect to Steve, I appreciate what he does. And if I have offended anyone, I apologize. Its just that hes having such a time of it right now, and none of it is his fault.Dont think I could handle it as well as he is. I’m gonna keep my mouth shut from now on, lol!

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