Long Night! Update…

Good morning to all of the road crew . We started out driving at 1030pm lastnight and got to the first customer as soon as we legally could.  The original delivery appointment was for today at 1130am, then got moved up to 7am, then moved up yet again to 230am! Obviously , we were pretty late which resulted in a $350 late fee. Nope, not coming out of my pocket since I told the bosses 230am didn’t stand a chance of ever happening!  The ride to get here wasn’t too bad since I did manage to get some sleep during the day yesterday . The good news is the customer did allow us in the gate and we can proceed to the final delivery scheduled for tomorrow morning.  Since we have already used up most of our drive clock to get here, how close we can get to Montgomery,  Alabama all depends on how long these folks take to unload and count their stuff.

Update: The delivery took virtually all the time we had available to head to the final delivery tomorrow . We can make it on-time but it will require us to drive all 280 miles under the cover of darkness -again.  See you bright and early at 2am!

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