Long long day

Afternoon Road Crew!

We delivered by dropping the loaded trailer and pulled out a brand new empty trailer to use at our next shipper Monday morning. We started at 230am this morning and drove the 530 miles to delivery. We will start broadcasting AFTER we get loaded about 9am. Here is this week’s Sunday video.

16 thoughts on “Long long day

  1. That was awesome, Steve! I think this is my favorite arrangement of this venerable hymn. Another favorite, similar hymn is “Onward, Christian Soldiers.”

    Thank you for sharing, Steve.

    1. Do you remember where we started this morning? Google maps can run the miles for you. I’m in bed already and not getting up to check the truck computer.

  2. Florida…Good. It’ll be sunny and warm. Better that cold. Welcome to one of my homes—Texas being the other….

  3. It has been years since you came to Macon and unfortunately, I was out of town today. Surely do wish I could have seen you. I imagine I have been following you longer than any other road crew member. Yes, I am still here, my friend , although I have chosen to remain mostly silent. May God continue to ride with you and bless you.

    1. hey, Dottie! Hope you are doing well.
      Ann UK watches silently, too. Dano nearly silent, — he pops up from time to time in his muscle car.
      I think Coffeetime jumped out in AZ someplace & went to live in the Chiricahuas.

  4. Hi Steve…

    I’ve been a lurker/fan on your YouTube channel for ~17 months. I was watching the last time you came up out of Florida going west on I10. If you leave Orlando going west and care to meet midday Tuesday at the Love’s at exit 130 on I10, I’d like to meet you and give you a home made cake-cookie. No big hoopla…just a quick “thanks”…I know your time is valuable.

    I’ve passed my CDL written tests and am going to truck school next month in Cottonwood AL due in part to your inspiration!

    More if you care to reply. I’ll be watching as much as I can tomorrow!


    1. Right now I’m not sure where we are going next, but watch the website and keep an eye on me and remind me via email and we will see what we can do. Congratulations on the cdl paper tests. If we do meet, I’ll give ya a crash course and advice on how to survive out here!!

  5. Woo hoo Disney World here we come!
    Nice time of the year to visit as kids are back in school and shouldn’t be as crowded.
    You can take the Segway around the parks and give us a tour 🙂

  6. Saturday morning i early i got on home page site and watched stream on there.Unfortuneatly you tube was not working for me so was no chat.Snow man camera displayed Niles Michigan as location of truck. Hey Steve close by my thought –JD truck stop were close to at 31 and US 12 real close by And on replay of video chatter even mentioned that you were close to me.and we had this driven on there Friday night.Anyways it is at your convince for crew meet-up and is needed to be planned in advance and take in consideration unexpected delays —just another adventure on BRT!! God Bless!!

  7. good mroning steve are you planing on talking chatty cathy and ant J and yourself too Walt Disney World Resort ? why you are there after the load drop off ?

  8. Hi Steve, Just heard you mention my name (Miamigal) and yes I am still riding with you. Just not into chat and all of that. Also eye problems make it difficult to work on the computer. Eyes fixed now so I will try to do better communicating. If you ever get down this far south I have moved out into the country and have plenty of room for you to park the truck in a fenced safe area. The traffic on my street is big trucks like yours, but thank goodness not toooo many. Thanks for remembering me and safe travels out there on the road.

  9. I think it was late last summer when you were in Florida the last time.. I don’t think I’ve seen downtown Orlando from your perspective anyway so I’m hoping you don’t have a before sunrise delivery like usual so we can see the city.

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