Long day

Howdy.  Things change so quickly sometimes even I can’t keep up! We made our midnight delivery,  ran on over to Aurora to the next shipper, then fought off the fog monsters and made our second delivery for the day in Maquoketa, Iowa.  We started working on heading to the next shipper but ran short on our 14 hour clock for the day. When we tried to get fuel here in Davenport the fueling card processing center was having problems and could not authorize fuel. We will take our break, nap, then see what we can get done tonight.  The shipper has been notified I won’t make on-time loading so they agreed to take us as soon as we can legally get there. Nap time here, see Ya’ll tonight! 

Forgot to mention,  I have two XXL patriotic shirts still available…the only shirts left with the eagle and flag on the shoulders! Email me if you are interested!  $38.00 each, free shipping. 

6 thoughts on “Long day

  1. good night Steve. I’m really disappointed from this bad things on this trip. BUT, it will be better!! I hope so! Good night to Iowa, Mr.Driver!

  2. Thanks for answering my question in the previous post! I appreciate it 🙂
    Always amazes me how far some things travel when you’d think there’d be a
    closer supplier like say in Kansas for their meat! But … I guess that’s why I don’t
    work in logistics 🙄

  3. hello snowman , nice to meet you , I and couple of my coworkers are on and off new to your big rig travels ( at work watching when we can ) a couple of months now , we’re having a blast because one of the workers is leaving us to become a truck driver again and he’s explaining every thing you do to us ( weather it’s true or not ? ) it’s fun and we enjoy what you do and your broadcasting , well long story short I and we have some questions , 1: is your truck automatic ? 2: do you have a cb ? 3: are you alone ? 4: are you an owner operator ? 5: what company do you drive for ? , you don’t have to answer the questions if you can’t like I said we’re new to your show and maybe if we watched more we’d know more and we don’t always have sound . lol thank you , have a good one
    keep the shinny side up and the greasy side down we’ll catch ya on the flip
    thank you , jeff b.

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