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Good Tuesday morning. Yesterday we arrived in Gary, Indiana before the big snow storm got started and also completed our CalBit inspection. Late yesterday and last night it was some pretty heavy snowfall here mixed with winds. The lake effect snow continued until this morning bringing bright rich blue skies.

We found an empty trailer to drag with us for our time off, dug our truck out of the snow, did the same to the trailer, and we approached the gate from the customer. Since we are empty, they refuse to let us escape. There is a tanker that crashed down the street and is spilling hazardous fluids everywhere and the Interstate is shutdown. Also, the secondary roads between us and the Interstate have not been plowed yet. Those are the roads you see during the last 8 minutes or so of yesterday’s broadcast. I can only imagine what condition they are in after all the snow last night.

As soon as we get permission to leave, roads get opened and things clear up a bit, we will broadcast from Gary to Belvidere.

Oh! Forgot to mention that we started doing our own BRT Auctions for unique things we pick up around the country!

8 thoughts on “Lockdown?

  1. Hey Steve better safe then sorry. Thanks for the update and I hope you are able to get home safely.

  2. Could you fix the 24/7 view so we can see?

    1. I cannot because we are on private property that doesn’t allow photography

  3. Not sure I understand why they won’t let you go with the empty. You’ve done that many times it seems when going to the next shipper. Maybe for the best til they get the roads clear.

    1. Maybe a travel ban for empty trailers due to weather.

  4. Hope ya escape soon, here are scanner feeds for Indiana.

  5. Must be a bit frustrating to be so close to home and time off….but stuck someplace and cannot move….

  6. Wow, and for the past two days I’ve been picturing you at the house reclining by the fire with a big cup of hot coffee. 🙂 Glad to see you finally made it to your time off. Have a great time off! Safe travels and Lord bless.

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