Local Restart

Good Saturday morning from sunny and warm California! We have our next two trips lined up. We will sit here in Hesperia and complete our 34 hour restart. Early Sunday morning we will drive to a drop yard and drop our current load since the delivery appointment was changed to Monday. After dropping this tomorrow we will hopefully find an empty trailer and head to the shipper for a live loading appointment. Once loaded, we will drag that one to the drop yard then find another empty trailer for our second load which live loads Monday morning. Once loaded on Monday we will head to the final delivery destination. We will broadcast everything as we normally do starting Sunday morning. Today I will relax, clean the truck, maybe get it washed up nicely, and play with website stuff. I think I’ll even try a drone flight of this area later today. So, no driving today, it might be a good time to watch the recorded videos I made the other day in Southern Utah.

15 thoughts on “Local Restart

  1. I know it has to be warmer than it is here in northeast PA (currently 16°F). Your current temp on the BigRigTravels homepage says it’s
    -9999°F/C though! Woo hoo 🙂
    Enjoyed the Ghost Rock views video btw!

  2. Steve i will alter this old saying to more accurately relate to your state. All work and no play makes Steve a dull boy.. Hey just kidding. You know i love you Looking forward to next ride Take care

  3. Enjoy your day of R&R Steve, well deserved after your day yesterday. Can you send some of that warmth to the Chicago area…more snow coming and -50 wind chills by mid week. Will watch for you in the morning.

  4. hi steve can you give us a hit on where we might be heading on are next trip ? are we staying in CA for a little bit or are we heading back in too the snow and cold weather ?

  5. Hey Steve, I was wondering when you are on a break, how far can you move your truck without having the electronic logs start up? I retired a couple years ago after 24 years driving, 22 as owner operator. Paper logs only.

    1. The trick to not activating the elogs is staying in a 1/4 mile radius and/or not going over 15mph and/or not being in drive mode longer than any 5 minutes

  6. Hi Steve, I hope you’re enjoying your down time. I just saw the pictures you posted on Twitter of your truck cooking. Looks like you’ve got it going on!! I’ll be in church when you get back on the road tomorrow but I wish you safe and happy travels. Enjoy the rest of your day and have a blessed evening.

  7. I’m glad you have a free day today. I missed your yesterdays morning ride so now i’m waiting for repairers at exit 265:)… and thank you for posting not broadcasted videos from San Rafael swell. In 1080p its awesome!! Take care Steve, relax, and i hope the next schedule will be without problems. Sleep well, keep warm and God bless you!🍅👋
    P.S. interesting, i was “live” with you at three blowed tires, and two of them were near Baker (Baker City OR 2017?, and now Baker CA) … so, to the future, be careful near any Baker (town, city, …place) (just kidding:) be safe Mr.!)👍

  8. Hi Steve
    Just found your YouTube channel on Friday, really enjoyed following your journey from just outside Vegas to Hesperia. Can’t wait to see what unfolds next on your travels
    I’m catching up this weekend watching your previous videos, Wow!! you had some harrowing journeys

    Jennifer from Vegas

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