Little America

Can you believe it? It took over 20 minutes and several tries to get the blog to load. Little America, Wyoming is literally in a hole and anytime we have stopped here we had no internet. The truck stop is jam packed tonight. Good day today having driven 300 miles to our drop and hook delivery in Corinne, Utah then a trailer washout, then run up and down the mountain to do another drop and hook at our current shipper. Today, we have been connected to three different trailers. The late evening hours are always difficult to hold a broadcast quality signal especially out here in Wyoming.

5 thoughts on “Little America

    1. 18 minutes left on the 14hr clock
      38.5 hours left on our 70hr clock
      529.6 miles today.
      3 trailers and two customers

  1. Strange that Little America, WYO., would be jam packed. I remember that whenever I spent the night there on my runs across I-80, there were plenty of spaces for trucks, because, their lot is really huge. That tells me that there are way more truckers on the U.S. highways now than when I left in 2012.

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