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LeMuna Intelligent Glasses Review by BigRigSteve

BigRigSteve does a full review of these Intelligent glasses by LeMuna. Perceptual Audio is creatively applied to LeMuna, enabling you stay connected to surroundings and be aware of what’s happening around you, ensure safety while enjoying crystal-clear audio. Up to an hour of listening time after just a few minutes of charging, power up your day with a long-lasting battery, give you the freedom to explore and stay active. A fully charged condition will support 12 hours of playback time. 14 days Standby with temple folded 48 h Standby with bluetooth connected 10 h Listen to music 8 h Phone call Need prescription glasses? LeMuna has you covered! They can make you a pair of prescription lenses!

LeMuna Audio Glasses Website:

Huge Giveaway: 10 winners to get FREE LeMuna Audio glasses!

LeMuna, true audio glasses with modular frames, a must-have of a fashion lover’s wardrobe gives you more possibilities. #LeMunaGlasses

3 thoughts on “LeMuna Intelligent Glasses Review by BigRigSteve

  1. cool glasses

  2. $279.00 includes prescription lens. If you have ever shopped for regular glasses this is a deal.
    Thanks for the review Steve.

  3. Awesome, well-thought-out text and video review Steve. I bought a pair of ‘blue light’ blocking glasses a while back to see if I noticed any difference. I did — Now I use them for any screen time (computer, tablet, tv, phone) and don’t have any headaches from late nights or long days staring at the screen backlights – Woot!

    …But my blue light blockers don’t have bluetooth — and I’m thinking built-in music and preaching would be pretty sweet.

    Thanks for sharing about their giveaway too. Fun!

    Blessing to you and the road crew 🙂

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