learning curve

Evening! Well figured I’d make a post entry since it’s been a day or two. We have been hitting our 70 hour clock pretty hard as usual. We ran out of time in Barstow, California tonight so we will have to finish up the drive straight into delivery as soon as we get the hours back. After this delivery, we have our next trip lined up so we may very well run out of time again tomorrow right near here!

I took the 360 camera, segway, and my new 3 axis gimbal for a test spin around the truckstop tonight. I am still learning how to use that dang super sensitive gimbal, but it did pretty decent for the test video. This will allow me to do segway videos without the heavy bumps like before and now gives you a much higher view, not to mention a full 360 degree view in any direction!

10 thoughts on “learning curve

  1. New gizmos are always good. The only thing I didn’t like about the segway videos was the low position of the camera. I felt like I was getting the worm’s eye view of everything, and I couldn’t really see what was around. Take care and Lord bless.

  2. Thanks Steve, every minute of coverage is enjoyed and appreciated. Looking forward to wherever you take us next. 🙂

  3. Steve, when you continuously run up against the 70 hour rule, does that put you in the “eighth day” with regard to logging your hours?

  4. Happy March! Mom and Dad and I are watching your old Segway adventures and they’re pretty addicted. Dad says he learned to ice skate on his rear so that’s a no go for him and a Segway. 😆

  5. Good thing you’re out west and not delivering somewhere in these parts as winter still hanging on. 8″ heavy wet snow here today 😮 Ready for spring.

  6. Steve: A few of the road crew including me, have been complaining because we are not receiving notification when you go live. We used to receive an email letting us know and I used to receive the emails. For the last week or so, no notification. Can you check into it for us?

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