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Good Thursday to ya  Road Crew!

Well, finally getting to some updates on the website. Greg’s photo has now been added to the Road Crew Gallery and the Trip Journal is up to date.

The latest news from the BigRigTravels Rolling Studios…..

Our trip from Ohio to North Platte, Nebraska has been cancelled for us. Because of the massive road closures and flooding in the area, that shipment of non essential items have been delayed to keep unnecessary trucks out of the area. We  have now been given three replacement trips and the first one starts Friday morning! The three trips are all less than 500 miles each, but keeps us close to our time off. The good thing about short trips is they all pay at a higher rate than the longer trips. One trip at a time will be posted like usual.

We will probably do another Road Crew Radio Show on Friday or possibly Saturday, all depending on the schedule. As you know already, things can change on a dime and we just never know where we will end up at any given point in our day. The more we plan on something, the more it changes! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Latest News

  1. hi steve there been some tornado warnings in the area have you seen any thing severe has far has weather gos ?

  2. Just discovered how to actually see the pics on the feed on the right hand side of the web site (from Twitter). As I don’t have either a
    Twitter or FB account, it took me a little bit to figger it out 🙂 Trying to just click on the pics to view gets blocked at work and for some
    reason they don’t show up on my IPhone. Anyway, looking at the pic of you at the back of the trailer and the leaf blower, it seems like a
    curtain hangs down near the front that almost resembles a big sheet! What’s that for and is that in all reefers?

    1. That is a big chute that directs cold air from the reefer and disperses it above the pallets and down the floor tracks as well as directly to the back doors for full and even distribution of cold air

    2. Morning, just wanted to ask you if I may, where is the photo located that you were talking about in regards to Steve being in back of the trailer with his leaf blower? Thanks…….

  3. Thank you both! I somehow didn’t think that was for inside the truck TK : (
    I know you meant well tho and will still get a big catnip snack lol!
    Enjoy the day 🙂

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