9 thoughts on “Last Sunday in September

  1. Perfect song for starting new week…thank you for doing the Sunday song each week. Always an encouragement and breath of fresh air. Thanks for all you do! Praying you start to feeling better soon!

  2. Wasn’t able to get all the details, but I’m surprised to see you’re still on time for delivery considering the detour to Maryland + the repair time fir the reefer! Very good:)

  3. Steve was just wondering about battery needed replacement as Goss had reply from my query Was it due to faulty cells or just old age and wondered if last maintenance check up should have caught problem before it Occurred?? thinking some one should catch before is problem??

    1. Hi Jim, just to clear up any confusion, the battery was for the reefer, not the truck. Hope this helps 😊

  4. Tried Looking up your location on google maps and loves.com. Found out that the Loves you’re at is actually in Perrysburg city limits.
    Finally found a street view of your location. How many hours behind are you because of the reefer problem?

  5. Howdy Steve!
    Really enjoying your trips. I can’t wait to see the Fall ones and all those great tree and shrub colours
    Just wondering, is your reefer unit powered by diesel and a battery back up system? Or full electric self contained?
    Only ones over here in the UK are diesel powered and have battery back up
    Really pleased you got the reefer unit fixed,. Just as well you weren’t half way through your trip to get that call and return for repair.
    Safe travels

  6. Thanks for Sunday song. Really looking forward to this trip, my favorite OTR driving is east to west across the plains into mountains. Much more exciting scenery!

  7. Wonderful song Steve. Wanted to thank you for the shout out to the JRC and I. Sorry we were not here. I took the family to the mountains for the weekend and left early Friday and got home last night. Gossamer 86 told me and I just again thanks. The JRC were so happy to hear you said hi to them. Be well and Bless You.
    Mike1 & JRC.

  8. Was a wonderful song. I well the JRC want to thank you for the shout out. We were on the road to the mountains for a weekend get away. When Gossamer 86 told me today about it they were sad but happy you remembered them. Again thanks for the shout out. It made three little road crew members day.
    Mike1 and the JRC.

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