Good Friday morning! It sure was good to sleep in this morning, and yet I still woke up at 515! Clouds are here today and it looks like it is going to be hard to keep the fuse lit on the firecrackers this week in St Louis with all the rain.

I have decided to take a 34 hour restart here.  We only have 1 hour and 30 minutes left to use until midnight. That isnt even enough to start the engine and get to the otherside of town. Our appointment is early Saturday morning and we still have about 5 driving hours to reach the Kansas City area…. So that means extremely early start to our day tomorrow!! 

It was good to talk with many of you in chat yesterday.  I know everyone wants me to drive, but taking a 34 hour restart will give us a full set to run the country like a bunch of wild children whose parents are on vacation!  Ok, maybe not. 🙂

Bet ya never thought of this… Trucks make a wonderful buffet for the truckstop birds. Why? When a truck drives 500 miles or so and collects the bugs and butterflies that get captured in the grille,  then it becomes a gathering place to eat all ya want bug night!  I was just watching about 8 birds all eating breakfast out of the grille of the truck next to me. By the time I grabbed my camera,  they flew off.