Johnson’s Corner

Good morning Road Crew! We are just a few miles from where we deliver later today. We will leave here at 1PM to make the delivery then off to the next shipper!

We are at the old Johnson’s Corner in Colorado. This place always had the best food around and they were not afraid to give you more than enough food. Now, it looks like Petro Truckstops bought them out. The first thing I noticed was the big horseshoe table was taken out. If I remember correctly, years ago a movie was filmed with the actors having lunch at that horseshoe! So, I grab a burrito and coffee. Normally I would pay for it at the register nearest the truck parking door. I waited in line and was told I could only pay for the coffee but the burrito had to be paid for at the other end of the store “at the food register”. So, what used to be simple to do, one payment for food and coffee, has now turned into waiting in two lines, two registers, and paying twice….at opposite ends of the building!

Stupid move Petro Truckstops! You really need to add some commonsense!