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It’s after Halloween

But it appears we found a ghost trip. We arrived yesterday but afterwards find out the trip has been canceled.  We are waiting for the next trip… no idea who or what happened,  just that it no longer exists.  As soon as I hear something,  I’ll let ya know.  In the meantime,  anyone care for a free screen wallpaper? Simply right click, save, and it’s yours! Nebraska wallpaper

12 thoughts on “It’s after Halloween

  1. Love the Pics steve Really awesome!!

  2. I also like the screen saver, thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. So once again that old bug-a -boo Murphys Law has raised its ugly head..Almost suspect Clive is involved with mishaps but only is a hunch..Got no solid evidence to back me up on this theory–This Too Shall Pass A big Mash-It and all will be made right Love for Steve and all GOOD road crew!!

  4. Thanks for the wallpaper … and the updated Trip Journal!
    Didn’t realize fresh milk would be another example of something that would travel
    that far. With the number of local farms here in northeast PA, i’m lucky to have access
    to this commodity as it’s always been something readily available here. Although that has
    changed recently with more people drinking almond and oat milk dairy farms and milk
    consumption has declined which is sad. Always interesting to see what you might haul next 🙂

  5. Thanks for the lovely pic, Steve! So it’s another Magical Mystery Tour featuring Ghost Trip! Looking forward to the next trip.

  6. hi steve will this down time be good for a 34hr restart this time? the past two 34hr restart trys failed

    1. Yesterday, Steve parked the truck at about 4 PM EST. The restart rules require 34 hours of rest so that means that Steve must stay parked until about 2 AM tomorrow. Since he is leaving at midnight, there will be no restart. The good news is that he is banking a few 11 hour days so that helps him on time.

  7. Steve lovely photo, thanks and thanks too for the update! whoohoo!!! Was wondering why we are stuck here with a view of Aunt Jamima’s play puddle. Hope she’s not being stubborn and insisting that you not leave until she’s done playing in the water.

  8. Looks like Steve’s got another trip, as he just posted that he’ll be leaving at midnight (EST) for Suffolk, Virginia. Unfortunately, that means the whole trip will be night driving — a shame because the map shows a nice stretch of back road (Virginia Rt. 58) that I can’t recall him driving before. See you all at midnight!

  9. So… was the train (Instagram post) near to the truck stop or from another recent place ?! I’d say it was parked (for display purposes)?

    1. It was parked about 20 feet from the dock door we delivered to this morning

  10. Thank you again for the ride a long Saturday Steve. Makes me feel like part of a group and I appreciate the company. The road crew are all pleasant to read about as I usually just lurk and admire the scenery.

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