Is Patreon for BigRigTravels?

Over the last year or so I have fielded questions and suggestions about BigRigTravels becoming part of Patreon.  Basically,  Patreon is a way that thousands of online creators can make money by offering exclusive content to those that make regular subscription donations each month.  I am sure that is a great way to make money and support online creators, but I don’t really feel like that would align with the core values I have in mind for

BigRigTravels is a rare Family Friendly and kid safe website where all of it’s content is viewable for any age bracket. I simply try to broadcast LIVE all of the miles I drive as I go about my day transporting freight across America.  Our viewers are retired truckers,  folks who are homebound with no way to travel, teachers using our maps and trip data to teach their students geography and math, folks wanting to explore America,  and so many other people from all walks of life.  I continue to be amazed at the ways BigRigTravels is helping people in every way you can imagine !

From the very start of,  February 8, 2008, I wanted the website to be available to all for free. Ten years later,  it still is. Every LIVE broadcast,  vlog, photograph, everything – remains free to those that CHOOSE to view it. Yes, I do have several folks that do donate and give automatically each month as well as folks who donate onetime via checks,  etc. Each donation is greatly appreciated, but I appreciate each individual whether they can fund the website or not. Over the years,  we have grown tremendously in both viewer count and content.  Anyone remember the days when we could only stream 15 minutes at a time and could only allow 25 simultaneous viewers?  Today,  we are doing 8+ hour streams and longer in high definition! With this growth of course the expenses have increased dramatically.  As of this year, an average month of maintaining the website,  mobile bandwidth for broadcasting, etc run nearly $600.00! So far, I have managed to pay the bills. I do not feel like offering “exclusive content” for money . I still hold to my original plan of offering all content for your viewing pleasure.  BigRigTravels is a unique website and the only one in the world that continually broadcasts LIVE from the American Highway for just about every mile I drive – and I believe in sharing the views with everyone that wants to hop onboard.

Is Patreon right for BigRigTravels? No. But, you can still support the website by several different methods.  Simply click on the donate link in the menu bar above to learn how. You can also buy decals or shirts or other items by clicking merchandise.  Will you get special offers or content by donating? Nope. Everyone gets all BigRigTravels has to offer automatically.

Just my two cents worth about the way I run things here from the driver’s seat at!

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