Indy to ohio

Good Sunday afternoon. Here is this week’s Sunday video. We have been delaying our start today since our delivery isn’t until 5pm Eastern time. Once we deliver we will have to run towards our next shipper and be ready for a Monday morning loading appointment.

12 thoughts on “Indy to ohio

  1. Love that southern gospel sound; YEE HAW! Also, happy Veterans Day eve. Maybe you can stop at a Flying J with a Denny’s tonight; they have free Grand Slam breakfast tomorrow (Monday) morning for active, inactive, and retired military with a military ID. Just a thought. Safe travels and Lord bless.

  2. I really like the song: unfortunately, factual truth got lost in translation. Regardless, no truer words have ever been spoken. After all like, Bob Marley stated: “it’s been 400 years!”

  3. I bet the next shipper is going to be in Mansfield, OH. Right, Steve? Also, there’s a new Love’s Truck Stop that was built about a year ago. It’s in Bellville, OH(a Mansfield Metropolian Suburb in the Mansfield Area). You should check it out sometime.

  4. You better have packed some snow fighting gear with you because when you get home to Illinois, the snow you’ve been avoiding will finally get ya!

  5. 🇺🇸 Thank You for your service, all the brave people! Happy Veterans day for all freedom and justice believers! ✌️

  6. Hey Steve since your at Remington Indiana for the night on Veterans Day this gives me opportunity to share memory i have —-April 15 1961 a Sunday–left my home in Ohio to go back to Chanute Air Force Base where i was stationed. Start of trip not a drop of snow was on ground as spring thaw had melted all snow.As i kept going west snow started and just kept falling and falling and falling.Got to Ft. Wayne and had snow tires installed on back tires.Rear wheel drive back then required snow tires.SO resumed going west on US 24 Snow fall was blinding and followed tail lights of semi till all traffic was snowed in.Kindly farmer allowed group of stranded travelers to sleep on floor for rest of night.One young wife had to be carried to house to to being close to give birth. Next day only got as far as next village and waited in diner till bull dozer cleared US 24 to the west..Got back to Chanute to attend class that night and dozed off with not much sleep night before,God bless all VETERANS!!!

    1. Steve is not a driver who stays in left lane at any length anyways His truck is governed at 65 mph so right hand lane is where he drives normally and only very occasionally does he veer in left lane when passing slower vehicle which is not the case usually.So good to be aware but doubt if Steve needs to worry on this issue.Still give credit for making this known So—-Mash It Mash It all BRT co pilotsAS the late and great Harry Caray would say—Oh You Cant Beat The Fun On The BRT game site!!!

      1. lol i no that i this wanted too throw that link out there this in case steve has not seen it case now days with the new law you are not allowed too stay and drive in the lift lane at lest in the state of Alabama

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