Howdy. We dropped our loaded trailer in Gas City, Indiana this afternoon and they had no available empty trailers for us to drag back out. We will go ahead and shutdown just five miles away from there and go back in the morning in case they might have one available then. If not we have a backup plan to go to and find one. Once we do find an empty, we will start our next trip like normal.

6 thoughts on “Indiana

  1. Can’t figure out what it is sitting on top of those tires off to the right. Perhaps an empty gas can? It is Gas City:)

  2. Steve just to inform you your trip yesterday caused some memories for me. I was driving back to Chanute AFB April15 1961 and a late blizzard occurred Just close to Reminton Indiana me and other motorists were stranded and spent the rest of the night thanks to a good farm couple sleeping on the floor.Also on route 26 was a bad memory revived for us as my sister-in-law was in very bad accident, other driver killed and sister-in-law spent months recovering.So yes we do have personal interest in your travels May God Bless Thanks Steve for all

    1. P.S. She is fully recovered from accident just has aches and pains as a souvenir of her accidentGOD BE PRAISED!!

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