Welcome to our 30 minute break in Indiana, just south of Fort Wayne. We will be making our delivery in a few hours then off to our next shipper – if we can get there in time! I will update the next trip shortly of course.

Say, what is that image on the left sidebar of the blog? It is my new “I Spy” photo! Ok, ok, so I have been looking for a way to easily show an image or two of what I see. Trucks, clouds, landscapes, etc. Now, we have a way to do just that using Instagram. To see the full image, just click on it. I will update every now and then. It makes sense to take stray photos that way instead of not taking any photos unless they are enough to make a full photo gallery….

UPDATE while we wait for our delivery appointment. I came across this video of an 11 year old boy. Imagine what America would be like if more people had the heart this boy has!!!