Welcome to the outskirts of Indianapolis, Indiana!

I wanted to really stay in Indy at our fuel stop but now that we had to fight traffic for road construction for a long time, I am outta steam for the day. Besides that, by the time we got there, everything would be full. Indy is one of the towns that put all the truckstops at one intersection and if you are not there early, you just lose out! No biggie, we got it made though.

Overall the day went okay. I wanted to get up at 4am but when that alarm went off I hit snooze and stuffed it under my pillow. The cool sheets and temperatures was perfect for sleeping in a little bit longer, so we did! I love it when I actually get to choose when I get up!

I will see ya’ll in the morning when we finish this trip. Hopefully we will know where we head to next sometime before we get there.