Indian Trail

Morning!  We made our delivery earlier this morning and we were unloaded and released in under 30 minutes!  We came over to Hubbard,  Ohio for coffee and a trailer washout.  I’m stuffing my face with my favorite Maple pancake, sausage and egg sandwich and of course Pilot coffee!

The next trip is now posted and we will head to the shipper in a few minutes. At some point soon we will have to stop for two hours to catch up on out ten hour break.  We only slept 8 hours in order to get to delivery on time, now we owe the logbooks the remaining two hours still….

I am always on the lookout for where other folks mentioned BigRigTravels. I came across this comment made in a trucking forum…

I love YouTube trucking videos, and I have found and enjoyed quite a lot of them. Thanks for the double-clutching link above.

I mentioned in another thread that I love BigRigTravels on YouTube by BigRigSteve in particular. He has posted close to 900 videos shot from an excellent quality dash camera. He just turns it on and lets it record as he goes down the highway all around the country. I find them very relaxing and I enjoy the scenery. It is the next best thing to actually being in the truck I reckon. They can be good education too. For instance, driving down the infamous Cabbage Patch hill in Oregon. He made it look like a breeze just taking it easy, while other trucks passed him with their brakes smoking.

Update… Taking our 2 hour break and lunch. After that we will jump on the scale and check our weight. Any guesses? Then we will see what drivetime we have and go from there.