I was about to go to bed! 

Morning and Happy Mother’s Day to all moms! 

We used every available minute of our 70 hours for the week already!  We made our delivery this Saturday morning then ran to the shipper expecting to wait awhile since our loading appointment wasn’t scheduled until 9pm. Surprisingly,  it was ready when we arrived,  so we ran with it until we pulled into this truckstop with no time left. We don’t gain any hours back before Monday morning at 2am! At that time we will have to hustle to the first delivery on Monday. Nope, no driving today  at all. 

So, you think I’m not working?  Lol. I was playing and researching things on my laptop and was ready for bed. I gave one last look at the refrigeration unit on the trailer.  Yikes! Alarms!  Bad alternator so now the battery is too weak to start! So, at this moment I am watching and waiting for the emergency mobile repair guy to show up! Ha…I only thought I was climbing into bed! A trucker that hauls food must be diligent 24 hours a day, not just while on the highway driving.  This load will be saved with no worries simply because I keep an eye out by checking the temperature and operating status everytime I leave or enter the truck.  Even while doing nothing….  I occasionally look at my mirror and I can see any alarms flashing and react accordingly.  I’m glad it happened before I laid down because otherwise I would not have noticed until morning and by then, probably too late! 

Happy Mom’s Day mom!! I love you! 

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