Hurry up and wait. Again.

Well, we first had the tire problems on the previous trailer which then caused us to be late and miss our delivery appointment. Then we ended up sitting a day before anybody could get us a new appointment. Then….get this…. yesterday we got a message at 3pm to hurry up and make the new delivery appointment of 230pm. Huh? You tell me 30 minutes AFTER the appointment? YUP. We managed to talk our way into the gate yesterday then they told me to do an “emergency” repower for another driver. We put our trailer in the door for unloading then when the other driver came, he got to babysit the trailer in the door and we ran off with his trailer to make our delivery last night.

We arrive last night about 30 minutes before our appointment only to be told by the gate guard, and verified by the transportation office there, that the delivery appointment was really TONIGHT at 11pm. Yup, yet another snafu with dates and times. So, now we get to sit all day today and return to the delivery tonight to get rid of this load. All that big rush for absolutely nothing. Well, another day of layover pay is in order. Three trips for the new year and all three have had problems. Here’s hoping the fourth trip will actually work as it’s supposed to? Stay tuned to BigRigTravels to find out!

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    1. Tell that to Steve’s bosses. Some planner is going to get fired over this snafu, which is not letting Steve know of the previous appointment and then repowering for an emergency run only to find out that he could have made the run this afternoon. They already fired the other driver, the one that had Steve’s previous trailer before Steve.

      1. Wait what? Exactly how do you know they fired the other driver? You do not know this and you need to be very careful about spreading rumors that are absolutely false. Just because a load was repowered does NOT mean getting fired. Before you make such silly statements, make sure you know what you are talking about!

        1. Well i guess in this era of–fake news syndrome–this is just par for the course I questioned this immediately as unless he was involved in this company in any capacity how would have known all this??? Am in agreement Steve..–Losse lips sink ships–World War II warning to the public Mash It Brother Mash It!!!!Jim Janet Martin

        2. It was just a guess, but it wasn’t the more recent repower. It was the driver that had the trailer you received in Wisconsin on Friday. But that is just speculation. At least we got a day of truck watching out of the latest miscommunication.

          1. That guy most likely will just keep on failing to inspect his vehicle until he gets multiple citations and Out Of Service violations

  1. At least your next trip should be assigned during the middle of the week. Hopefully you can get a long one to deliver Thursday afternoon and get another nice long one loading on Friday that can get you driving to a drop off Monday morning all with a Trailer you have personally picked out and inspected. These weekend and end of the holidays crews and trailer repairs got you all jacked up to start the year.

  2. If you really want to know where the blame lies.. I heard from Mom last night that school was out for three weeks for get this, holiday vacation. I guess they are teaching our kids how to be lazy and not do any work that could help them out as adults!

  3. hi steve

    i think you should add officially done for the night button has most of the time when we get done for the day its night time

    you can have one for officially done for the day when its still daylight and when its night time you can play where officially done for the night

      1. Hi Steve. Never mind Steve. For get that I said any thing lol

        Any ways. I noted that the Status bar on the website is broken again

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