Howdy midnight crew!

We are currently unloading at our midnight delivery in Lima, Ohio right now. Hope you enjoyed the unplanned round about tour of downtown Lima today as we got ourselves all turned around and lost! It was a pleasure to show ya the downtown areas of Chicago the last two days as well. Ready for someplace else we haven’t been in awhile?? Check out the next trip which loads Wednesday afternoon!

22 thoughts on “Howdy midnight crew!

      1. Hi Steve,

        I think the comment may have been referring to the trip ‘journal’ instead of trip ‘map’..

        Just a guess however.

        Stay safe sir!

  1. It was busy time for steering wheel in Lima:) whit al those 90 degrees turns and Road Work detours, it must have been nightmare for You! It looked like a bigrigs trap:) But in the end you managed it almost perfectly👍 Take care Steve. Safe travels!😉👍

  2. Hey Steve

    Really enjoying your trips,the Chicago one was great. lima was a nightmare for you.Get some well deserved rest ,you certainly earned it

  3. Hey Steve

    Hope you have a safe trip up to New Jersey. Sorry I won’t be aling for the ride today but I have to go fir some tests and will be asleep most of the day. I wish you a safe trip and enjoy the scenery along the way.

    Take care and MASH it!!

    Yvonne James
    Apache Junction, AZ

  4. Hey Steve
    Really enjoying your trips,the back road scenery was great. Downtown Chicago views was awesome.,and Lima was a nightmare for you,all those turns one ways,little signage,but glad you made to your destination
    You deserve a well earned break
    See you have another huge trip coming up,safe travels

  5. Hello Steve and Road Crew,
    Seeing as though National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is Sept. 13th to 19th, let’s show our “Tour Guide and Host” Big Rig Steve the recognition and thanks he well deserves. Steve has built a community of over 43,000 members within which resides a core group of people who care and respect each other day in and day out affectionately know as the road crew.
    Let’s show Steve our appreciation for the unselfish professional job he does day in and day out no matter what the weather, customer location, or situations he finds himself in. As those of us who have had the privilege to travel hundreds of thousands of miles down all kinds of roads with Steve know, this is a dangerous job. Through it all, Big Rig Steve has demonstrated his keen sense of situational awareness, patience, and skill the likes of which no one else can match.
    That being said, let’s show Steve our appreciation. Let’s buy him a coffee, let’s support the web site, let’s buy something from the new Mash It Merchandise Store, and above all, keep Steve in your thoughts and prayers for continued safe travels as he broadcasts America. Thank you Steve for putting us all in a better place through your daily broadcasts. We appreciate it.

  6. Hi Steve. You got me excited for a second. I live in Burlington Vermont. When I was saw you were going to Burlington I was like yay. Then I saw it was New Jersey and then I was like dang lol. Either way. Enjoy the rest.

  7. Het Steve–not to feel bad with Lima snafu–we were just in van wanting to get out of Lima on return from southern trip trying to connect with west hi way to get back home and had heck to time getting out of Dodge–err Loima Not withstanding SOO Mash -IT and let her rip!!

  8. Sorry for fingers not obeying mind!! Martin is last name Lima correct spelling for town have this trouble when get to eager just to let Steve know BRT so exciting for me!!Just made same mistake as thumbs down chatters when mean thumbs up!! Ans so Mash-It one more time!!

  9. Hello, Steve
    I am new to this site i have been watching you drive around this great country so keep up the good work that you do

  10. hi Steve

    I was wanting too no since the trip ‘journal has not been updated since all of AUG and most of SEP so far is the trip ‘journal still one of your things you like doing still with the web site or is the trip ‘journal done ?

  11. Alot of Daves and Davids here in the Road Crew…..This is Dave W. from the Western PA mountains…If you take the PA turnpike, you will pass just to my South by 35 miles or so.

  12. Woo hoo getting close to PA again. It’s a little early for the fall foliage tho. Not that I really get to watch y’all that much anymore 🙁
    Dang work security issues 😖
    Missed the Chicago sights and Lima. Oh well – enjoy your night. Stay safe!

  13. Howdy Steve

    how you doing like the trips we are doing bring the next on your doing a great job steve letting all us road crew join you on the ride across america states

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