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Good good morning everybody hope this finds everyone well. I hope everyone enjoyed the 24-hour broadcast of the winter storm that shut down Interstate 76 as we waited out for the roads to reopen. During our shutdown break the reefer unit on the trailer decided to come up with a dead battery. The load was not too terribly sensitive it was listed on the bills as simply to protect from freezing. Last night when the roads opened up we headed down to Commerce City Colorado to the reefer repair center to get the reefer looked at. We then went to a drop yard to drop our trailer for someone else to finish the load to Utah. We have now posted our next trip on the website which will take us back towards Illinois. We have already connected to the trailer and done our pre-trip inspections and we’ll be leaving here shortly.

While we were broadcasting the storm live in Brush Colorado a lady named Barbara came into the chat room for the live broadcast and told me to come in for a cup of coffee. Come to find out she is very familiar with! Go to the photos section in the menu bar then select Road Crew Gallery and see our two latest inductees. A few days earlier,  we also met up with Rural Mailed in Nashville,  Illinois.

8 thoughts on “Howdy!

  1. Thanks for keeping the camera rolling for us yesterday. 24 hour broadcast!!! is that a new world record ? Although we prefer to see driving and making your connections it was a pleasure to be able to keep you company..

  2. I agree with m a sooty…it was fun keeping you company. Looking forward to the next trip. Prayers for safe travels and no gremlins to cause issues with the truck and/or trailer.

  3. I’ll repeat what I wrote on the Nov. 26th ‘Colorado Winter Storm” post and that is: Pretty awesome day!  From what I can tell everyone had a great time.  Thank you so much for the love, time and energy you put into making sure the Road Crew are enjoying themselves. 

  4. Enjoyed the snow storm watch. Safe travels.

  5. What they said! Steve hope you have a very enjoyable Thanksgiving and coming up down time. Thanks

  6. Looking at “snowman cam” this morning…familiar scene there in Kansas.

  7. Enjoy the broadcasts. Glad you were safe.

  8. Cool! Hopefully someday when you pass thru Jackson I can meet the famous Big Rig Steve!

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