High theft area

Howdy gang! We have finished our delivery in Orlando and even gave you guys a drive through tour of a Walmart lol. The next trip is now posted and we load Wednesday morning then head to Georgia’s Western border for the delivery. We also have another trip scheduled that will send us back up North… I will update the trip journal and other stuff tonight…

We are in a secure lot tonight since there are very few truck parking spaces or truckstops. The Orlando area is also known for the highest cargo and truck theft areas in the country. This place is $20 a night, but the minute we rolled in, we were met by the security guard and escorted to our parking. Free showers available here. Nice clean place.

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  1. Midland Georgia is in my Area. Will see what we can do to meet you somewhere in Colunbus or Phenix City

  2. Doesn’t look like much (from our view) with what looks like a dirt lot.
    Looks can be deceiving as we all know 🙂 Glad you are in a good spot
    all things considered! We’ll all wave to Mickey (mouse) when you leave Orlando.
    Funny sounding place next… (Howey in the Hills) 🙂

  3. Hasn’t changed in 30 years. I had some grapefruit stolen in Ocala-Dade City area.
    Imagine stealing grapefruits in Florida.
    Don’t park in the back row.

  4. Steve considering the need to protect truck shipments and theft of cargo brands to mind that our area Southwest Michigan Northwest Indiana have many fruit orchards and pumpkin fields.Local news item reports–big league thefts–stealing huge quantities of Apples and Pumpkins.Just come to mind with report of grapefruit stolen.Sad thing the growers depend for whole livelihood for harvest of produce to make living Mash-It brother Mash-It!!!Keep Safe!!

  5. Hi Steve! The Walmart trip was fun — and funny! Thanks very much — enjoyed the tour behind Walmart! Just jokin’ with you! Have a restful night — and it’s nice to know there’s a security guard around! Looking forward to the trip tomorrow! Cheers!

  6. Thank you for updating the trip journal. Been anxiously waiting especially for the Downingtown PA to Illinois entry as well as today’s trip to Orlando. Interesting as always!

    1. You are welcome. I know sometimes it takes me awhile to get it done, but little by little I do try to work on the website. Thanks for your patience

  7. That’s a shame that that kind of thing happens. That someone takes off with that huge monstosity of a thing. I am glad to know that places like where you are exist. Twenty dollars is worth safety. That’s a nice drive there too. What is wrong with people there… I hope you stay safe. God bless

  8. And here I thought Newark, New Jersey was the highest for carjacking and cargo robbery. If I were you, I’d carry some mace and a bat with you, but then if the place you are at is well guarded, then I guess you’re in as safe hands as you can be in the da hood of Orlando.

  9. funny one steve going threw a back walmart a maze to get out well at least you got some great skills in 🙂

  10. The “theft of grapefruits” story reminds me of a story. A different kind of story.
    Our church supports an orphanage in Mexico. Not only do our guys make trips down, sometimes they bring some of the children up here.
    They had a very sweet story for us one Sunday morning. The guardians & care-takers involve the children in the day-to-day needs concerning the orphanage. They gather for prayer in the mornings. No child is too small to pray out loud and is encouraged to make his needs & wants known.
    They let the children know there was a need for vitamin C. One little boy prayed, “Father, please send us tons and tons of vitamin C” (of course, the adults smiled as we tend to do at childish things) — but no word of rebuke.
    Imagine everyone’s surprise when a bigrig from the orchards in the Texas Valley pulled into the mission yard, FULL of grapefruits and oranges! It was not ordered nor expected, the owner had just decided on his own to send one truck down.

    How many “awwwwws” did this little true story get out there in trucking land?

  11. You are quite the story teller TK, in a positive uplifting way. Thanks for the awwwwwesome addition. Loved it!

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