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Hiding all day?

We are currently unloading at our final delivery from Utah. We just got our next trip but right now there are a few unanswered questions about how this will play out. We DO know that we will pick up and load at the next shipper which happens to be less than a mile from our current location but not until this afternoon. We will go and talk to them about loading us early perhaps but regardless, we won’t be broadcasting until we depart from there. Watch the status bar for information about what is going on while the cameras are off. Because we only have 12 hours from right now on our 70hr clock and don’t gain anything back over the next two days, we may end up giving this next trip to another driver. At the same time, the planners are talking about letting us go to the final delivery and burn up our remaining hours. As soon as I hear back, or we get loaded, I will post the trip.

7 thoughts on “Hiding all day?

  1. Hello Steve
    I am a French truck driver and I find it hard to understand how you can save hours on your 70 hours. Could you explain it to me and maybe the others. Thank you and always a great pleasure to follow you.

    1. You get 70 hours over a rolling 8 day period for on duty – working and driving. The 9th day you get whatever hours you used on the first day back.

    2. Of course, another way to save hours is to conserve them, but most of the time, that isn’t possible.

  2. Thank you very much Steve and it is really great what you are doing. Have a good trip and as we say in France “caution”.

  3. Thanks for the drive through Mt. Vernon IA yesterday!

  4. I was wondering if they would give you a load back to Rochelle where you could go home for a 34 hour restart but the way it looks on your post, it appears like you may end up parking somewhere away from home until hours come back.

  5. Hi Steve, My brother lived & worked in Mt Vernon in the 70’s & his Corporate Office is still there. His mother-in-law & father-in-law still live in Solon. The little one story old building at the town square you asked it’s age while waiting at the red light, is 130 yrs old (1890) with 684 sq ‘, no basement, no A/C, has space heater, w/water closet, last sold for 45 K on 9/28/17. So enjoyed your ride on IA 1 off I-80, yesterday. Born & raised on a farm in IA. Thank you for sharing your travels with us, Steve.

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