Hideaway in the dark corner…

Howdy and good evening. A little update for ya tonight. We have finished our delivery in McDonough, Georgia and have been given a space in a far corner to hide until they call us for a door in the morning. We actually load at the same building in the morning as we just unloaded tonight. Nice to not worry about finding parking this late! I’ll update our trip while we are in the door being loaded.

7 thoughts on “Hideaway in the dark corner…

  1. Great that you got quiet place after today’s traffic. Unwind and we’ll see you in the morning.

  2. Good to see your next trip is south to Winter Haven. We reached 97f and the heat index took us to 106f Thursday.
    The heat continues through the weekend here in Orlando. Safe trip, Steve!

  3. It’s not so bad hot here on the Florida Gulf coast as it is around the big-green-swamp that’s called central Florida—make sure the AC is tuned up.
    Safe travels.
    Jack The Cat

  4. hi Steve

    are we on 30 mini break or are we don’e for today ? it looks like we are parked on the snow man came but hard too tell if we are park in a parking space or still park and getting fuel

  5. That looked like a headache on the road. Good to see you on the broadcast today. Stay safe!

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