Here we go again!

Howdy and if you were watching the Live Broadcast this morning when we started out for the day, you would have seen that we got a whole three miles down US Highway 24 before we got a serious emergency alarm and engine shutdown in 30 seconds warning! We got to the shoulder as fast as we could and shut things down. We did keep the stream running all the time we waited for the tow truck and even while we were attached and being towed to the Freightliner dealership in New Haven about ten miles away.  Unlinke the other dealership in Sioux Falls, South Dakota where the manager refused to even allow us to plug in our freezer, this place gave me several bags and they allowed us to store all food in their office deep freezer! The driver lounge is roomy with very nice seating and tables with plenty of plugs. Great bean to cup coffee maker, microwave, laundry and even showers for the drivers.  They started looking into the truck right away then notified us we needed a hotel for the night. They then gave us a ride to the hotel and gave us a code to save about $50! This is a top notch place with customer service and concerns in mind.

We are in the hotel for the night and as soon as I hear any news or updates, we will let ya know for sure!

20 thoughts on “Here we go again!

  1. Hi steve did they say what was wrong with the truck or did you not get a chance to too here that part yet ?

    All so are you planning on keeping this truck or are you going too see if they can give you other truck seems like this truck is all ways breaking down it just had $,8000 worth of work done on it and now we are break down yet again?

    1. The have not had time to get into it all yet. We will know more tomorrow morning. There is no point in moving out of this tractor just yet. The problems so far have been due to bad fuel, and not the truck quality. If anything, the truck did exactly what it was designed to do which is STOP once bad fuel is sensed to prevent more damage.Why get rid of a truck when it is not it’s fault yet?

  2. Good point there Steve

    So where chatty Cathy and ant J just time around did you get them a hotel room has well or are they sharing your bed with you tonight

  3. Hey, Steve. Good thing you pulled over right away. This, probably saved, a lot of further problems, down, the way. Nice people there, in New Haven, Indiana. Hope it’s repaired soon, then finally, you get, a really good trip, with no problems, either, at the shipper, or during, the trip. God Bless you, and keep you, from, all harm.

  4. If you were going to break down, this would definitely be the place to do it! What an amazing difference between this place and the place in South Dakota. The short sleeve sunny weather was a nice bonus all things considered. I guess you’ll still be able to keep the trailer fir the next trip (if you lose this one)? Considering it’s still empty.

  5. Puzzling there weren’t any other trucks stopped along the highway with the same problem. Or did I miss seeing any as you were towed back to New Haven? Perhaps driving along with the Tow Driver he may have shared recent examples of bad fuel from ‘that’ truckstop?

    Same thing regarding Sioux Falls . . .

  6. Wow, I do agree with you Steve, the truck is more the victim than the villan at this point, but still, it’s preventable, like why can’t a truck stop have the fuel bay inspected and cleaned after a flood, to ensure it is not going to contaminate the fuel put into it? But I suppose all things digress. But it makes me happy to know you got taken exellent care of by this dealership, it almost made it worth it to break down. Okay not really, we know you want mash it, but at least not all of humanity is lost, and it demonstrates that fact that if you build up your customers, they will build up your business, but if you let them down, customers will let your business down. I hope the people responsible for the South Dakota dealership learn important lessons before they lose everything. Now if I was a long hauler myself with a freightliner, and I had some scheduled maintenance planned, based on your report I would want to defer it until I could get this location, I sure as night wouldn’t want to go anywhere near that other place if I could either get to Fargo ND or Souix city IA. Hope you get a good streak started when you hit the pavement again Steve. Cheers!

  7. If you are going to break down, it might as well be in style.
    Glad to hear at least one place really does go beyond the customers expectations.

  8. You had to take a trailer to the Thermo King near there a few months back. A bad sensor of some kind if memory serves.

  9. Can’t they just drain the bad fuel out of it? I thought it was fixed when they did that. I think the Loves which started all this mess owes you a years worth of free showers and perks for poisoning your truck with bad fuel.

  10. Hi Steve — Sorry you experienced more problems. Sounds like this dealership is top notch. So happy they’re doing what they can to make this experience a little less aggravating! Cheers!

  11. Glad you found a shop that treats you right. That can be a big deal when everything else is going wrong

  12. Hello Steve as Yogi would say—its deja -veu all over again.I was impressed that you immediately pulled off road when warning beeps sounded, I have had some warning icons come on only to find its just a glitch.But was good you reacted the way you did.As i have lived in Indiana for a few years its good that –Hoosier Hospitality— is not just a slogan .As Jim Nabors would sing at Indy 500 –back home in Indiana. Heres hoping the shop gets you–On The Road Again so once again you are—King Of The Road –so till –Mash It– is possible just chill Kep On Trucking!!!

  13. That’s fantastic customer service, that’s how it should be, unfortunate that you seem to keep having issues with the truck, but those things happen. We appreciate you for keeping the stream going even while hooked up to the tow truck, hopefully they’ll be able to get your trucked fixed so you can get back on the road and making money again soon

  14. The issue I have is with the previous shop.
    Their whole attitude was just enough to get by and no more. Did they not replace some parts that should also have been replaced?
    Did they dump additive in the tanks after emptying them? Or clean the tanks and lines well?

    1. If they had to clean everything, which they should have, Steve should have just flown back to Chicago for time-off. Then he would have a perfect truck waiting for him when that time off ended. But you are right. Some shops do an half-assed job which leads to a fatal breakdown. If the truck is in the shop for an California inspection, an half-assed job might mean trouble with CHP at an inspection site. There is an episode of The Simpsons entitled “Bart’s Inner Child” which teaches the city of Springfield to do things the half-assed way. Predictably, that leads to disaster at the end of the episode as the ferris wheel rolls off its bracket and a bandstand collapses among other things.

  15. I think the lousy treatment you got from manager at the last place might also be connected to bad service you may have gotten from the mechanics. They may not drained all the bad fuel out of all the tanks. Just saying. If the manager doesn’t treat his customers well then his employees may follow his lead. So sorry for all the dead time you’re experiencing but you’re due for some smooth sailing in the future. Godspeed, Steve.

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