Happy Thanksgiving!

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving to all of the road crew . Today will be one of the busiest travel days out on the roads all across America.  Please please take your time and arrive to your destination safely and in one piece.  Getting there a few minutes,  or even hours later than planned is definitely better than not getting there at all. Breathe,  take it easy,  relax and enjoy the journey to wherever it is your day takes you.

What are you truly thankful for? (Don’t say BigRigTravels since it’s just a website!) For me, I am thankful every day of the year for family and friends that I can count on,  my safety every mile and every day. I really have the best life I could ever ask or hope for.  Life and happiness isn’t about money – It’s more about the things that bring you joy every day through a kind word said or heard, friends,  health , employment,  walks in the park, a good cup of coffee,  or anything else that normally gets taken for granted. (I really had some good thoughts but now that I’m typing it out, it isn’t coming across right).

Today will be a normal driving day for us and we are looking to make the remaining 530 miles and drop at our delivery. We will then look for a place to park then take a 34 hour restart. A restart will be required in order for us to handle our next trip which will be two 600+ mile days!! Bad weather is forecast for the Denver areas so everything planned is subject to change! Be safe, enjoy your Thanksgiving and eat up!!

15 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Hi Steve,yes to be grateful for even the small things each day,is a great way to think.Well said and i hope the weather is not too bad for you to drive through.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving and be safe on your travel,s today and I will save you some turkeyand some apple pie or pumpkin pie. Have nice day.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Steve. Get rested on your 34 hours off. Be waiting for you to get back on the road!

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