24 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. hi steve i noted that when you where back in iowa getting on the on ramp you said some in that you may think about turning the truck in

    dos that mean you where thinking on turning it in for a brand new truck or turning it in too have it work on why you are on time off ???

    1. I think it is turn it in for repairs. Steve hit that steep pothole a while back and that had to hurt the truck.

  2. Happy blessed Easter Steve for you, all your family, friends and all good road crew👋😃 … enjoy the free spring days Steve … (and RIP for all victims of Sri Lanka churches bomb attacks⛪❤❤🙏)

  3. Happy Easter Steve and crew. Enjoy your time off Steve. Though I always sort of get withdrawal symptoms when you’re not broadcasting 😉

  4. Since many will not be in church today, (its okay because) I’m going to hand-deliver to you “why” Easter is happy.
    HE is Risen!
    The greatest news in all the world. How Easter undoes our tears.
    Death has been defeated.
    In resurrection:
    • He gave us forgiveness and glorified Jesus as the all-sufficient forgiver.
    • He gave us a friend to count on and glorified Jesus as utterly reliable.
    • He gave us guidance and unchanging truth and glorified Jesus as the absolute foundation for truth and righteousness.
    • He gave us a life that is not pitiable but enviable, a ministry that is not in vain but fruitful, and glorified Jesus as the source and goal of all life and all ministry.
    • He gave us everlasting joy that will not be ended by death, and glorified Jesus as the author of life, the victor over death, and the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep.

    Worthy is the Lamb that was slain and has redeemed us to God by His blood to receive all these blessing.
    Happy Easter indeed!

      1. I’m on a break, I’m hoping i can actually get a few days away from the website and cameras… i will try to update things when i get the chance.

        1. ok sounds good have fun on your time off buy the way on your website it seems like chatty chaty is driveing your truck still lol

  5. steve traded place with Chatty Cathy why steve is taking time off Chatty Cathy is still driveing the truck and doing trips for steve why he is off lol

    1. Steve better call chatty Cathy soon so she can come back after Here load and pick up Steve from vacation lol

    1. Jay steve is on vacation in tell today i think are next trip wont start tell later this afternooon or sat i think

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