Happy Birthday!

Howdy and welcome to the 12th year Anniversary of BigRigTravels! Yup, we started our broadcasting travels way back on February 8, 2008! A lot sure has changed during the last twelve years from the truckstops, new highways and roads, and of course the website. Welcome to the new 2020 BRT Dashboard and with new features including the new 70 Hour clock! I have spent countless hours trying to make the website more responsive to mobile devices since about half of our viewers use us on their phones and tablets. I have to admit the layout doesn’t quite look symmetrical and perfect on the desktop, but it seems to be very good on mobile devices. Most websites don’t use as much LIVE dynamic information as we do, so that in itself adds alot of difficulty for a perfect layout. Then of course the Google ads are placed automatically and change with each page load so they move the elements around themselves which sure doesn’t help me lol. At any rate, I am hoping you enjoy the new designs and I think it has a more modern, realistic look and feel to it. I am still working on bringing back the Road Crew Gallery and photography back on line soon. A very big thanks goes out to our resident computer code guru Hamster (Marco) for writing the codes that translate the truck information from our phones and puts it into a format that I can simply copy and paste into the website!

We currently have three trips lined up so we have our work cut out for us. The 2020 Calendars and now on sale so grab them while supplies last! Nope, I haven’t forgotten the trip Journal updates – I just wanted to get the new dashboard out for our birthday;)

27 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Good job on the new features, Steve. I wasn’t sure if you got my email I sent you. I think Youtube banned me from the chat room. Not sure why. Could please look at it when you get a chance? Thanks

    1. I just found your name in the banned list. Not sure what the circumstances were, most likely just another instance of YouTube automatically banning people for no reason. You are now unbanned.

  2. Hi Steve. Happy 12th year Anniversary’ you think tomorrow since it’s your special day at the end of the drive and depending on what time it is you think we can have a fire side chat and may be we can all watch the trucks for a few it sure has been a while since we had a afternoon at the truck stop where we can just chat. And watch the trucks any way happy 12 Anniversary Steve

  3. Steve Happy Anniversary. Your new web design is very good and should help people who are new to your site understand and see what a 70 hour clock is and guidelines a trucker has to follow. As I stated before in a previous post Steve you go above and beyond in what you do. Thats what sets you apart from other truckers. You take pride in what you do and it shows. Keep up the good work. Take care. Safe travels.

  4. Good evening/Morning Steve, Just wanted to Wish BigRigTravels the BIGGEST Happy Birthday that I could give it, and may say the Neww layout of the site looks fantasic, Fantastic job to ALL involved. See that you are in North Carolina, Have a dad that lives there and just yesterday he area had a Tornado watch posted, and he did advise me that the winds did pick up qute a bit for a time, checked out his local News station that he has there, and there AND on its Facebook page showed a number of pictures of a bunch of trees that got knocked over per the high winds, some fell on vehicles, but from what I’ve read, no major injuries reported, He also advised me that his power did go out for a while, then some time later, came back on and it did that a few times throughout the day and night. Havent checked out the radar maps for your area lately but where you are at the present time, do believe it looks ok,
    Once again Happy Birthday to to your greatest Trucking site on the internet and here’s to another 12 more..Take care

  5. Hey Steve I have a idea for the web site. Would there be a way too where the website would show how many hrs you have for the day? Too drive I think that would be a neat idea too have has I noted every one on the chat all ways like too ask how many Driving hours you have Left for the day

    1. I thought about that for a long time, months, and well, it would just end up being too much work. As it is, I manually add alot of the information. As a compromise, I did introduce the 70 hour clock during this website update release

  6. Happy 12th Anniversary, Steve. Wishing you many more. You bring so much joy and happiness to so many people around the world. Loving the new look to the website.

  7. Happy Anniversary, Steve. Thank you for all you hard work and sacrifice in letting us ride along with you. Thanks also to all the mods that help to keep up the site and to keep it clean. May God be with you and keep you safe always.

  8. Happy Birthday BigRigTravels!🎉🎆 Great new design and features on brt site!!! Thank you for every mile, every smile, every landscape view, every adventure and every Steve’s song i could experience thanks this website☺. Thank You very much Steve for everything! Safe travels, good health and God’s blessings…. 👍👍 …and, MASH IT!:))🍅
    …+ thanks to all people “behind curtain”, Mystic, Marco, Ken, TK, moderators…👌
    Greetings from Slovakia👋

  9. Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversaryyyyyy, Haaaaapppy Anniversary. I sang that. Congrats. The new look is great. Love the gauges.

  10. Happy Anniversary Steve and here’s best wishes for 12 more! Love the new features on the website, and they look fine on my laptop! Thank you, Steve – and Marco, for all your hard work making the best site even better! God Bless you and keep you ever safe!

  11. Happy Aniversary, 12 yrs allready.. i missed the first 4 years i believe, but been here eversince.
    and although we have never been able to schedule a meet & greet, i keep supporting the website where needed 😉
    lets hope you will be able to keep this going for many years to come in good health …
    Mash it…

    1. Hey deputy. You’re the only rodent I have ever approved of being in the truck. Thanks for all the super codes on the snack lockers. 8 years & never a crumb missing!

  12. Steve, Marco & team spot on PERFECT for the new year.. Look forward to your travels. Steve the most important thing you do is keep yourself safe in travels. Keep trucking – MASH IT !! look forward for the next 12 years !! There”s Always a coffee shop in Akron,OH for ya.

  13. Happy 12th Anniversary! Twelve isn’t just a number. It’s good times and tough stuff, but most of all a lasting legacy of great memories.

    Thanks Steve for your love of trucking, getting products to where they are wanted and need. Thanks too for allowing ‘us’ the ‘roadcrew’ to ride along on your journeys.

    Wishing you good health, safety, happiness and satisfaction as you Mash It on the highways, (veins) of America.

  14. I had wondered why it seems lately when I’d try to click on the main “Menu” tab it wouldn’t respond (on my phone), but now I know why as it must have been during your updates. The new features are really cool (like the 70 hour clock) and all the other goodies too of course (trip map, journal and so on)!
    A warm and congratulatory anniversary as I’ve been with ya for almost the whole time! Lovin’ every mile 🙂

      1. Steve, on my end here on my phone the Primary Menu button does work. I don’t know if anybody elses works or not.

      2. Yep ~ ever since the new format rolled out (with the 70 hour clock, etc) everything is working good thank you.
        PS – also glad you are feeling better:)

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