Hail. Snow, Rain!

We are waiting for our loaded trailer to be released.  My boss said it was ready. All the information matches,  but somehow no bills available.  Not sure what we can do until the shipper figures out a solution.  Meanwhile,  we had heavy rain, hard hitting hail, then rain. We are getting extremely low on our clocks since we started so early this morning.  The plan was to come in here then turn right back around and get as far as we could before we ran out of time. Now I’m not sure when we will roll because everything depends on when the trailer is ready – for real.

9 thoughts on “Hail. Snow, Rain!

    1. It’s been wild weather across the United States. A huge thunderstorm was captured on the La Plata cameras the past two nights and it is raining again today. Needless to say, I watched most of it, and it was nothing like what Steve and the entire road crew experienced one night in Kansas about a month or so ago. On that note, Welcome to Summer 🙂

      1. I understand they had a tornado down in Charleston earlier this evening, leaving over 20,000 people/homes without power! Here at home it was pretty warm out, unlike the past few days, and then rain moved in.

    1. lol steve have yet too get back too me on if he has seen buggys bunny since he in Albuquerque, NM even no am kidding around bugs bunny all ways like too say i new i sould have made that right turn too Albuquerque that why am asking steve since he is in Albuquerque, NM if he seen buggs bunny or not lol

      just haveing a little fun steve

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