Good morning from Gothenburg,  Nebraska.  We looked for parking in North Platte and a rest area but of course everything was jammed full. We did manage to reach this truckstop in Gothenburg before time ran out on us. The last time we stopped here for the night was a few years ago when it started to snow bad and get very slick and I decided to pull over. I watched as the snow came down and the truckstop filled up and trucks parked in here like sardines!  Since there was so much snow and the roads were closed, we spent the night and the next morning I walked around taking pictures…. You can see them HERE. and if you look really close, you might see my old door sign and my (now retired) co-driver!

We will start rolling towards the Chicago area a little after 8am. Pack a lunch, it’s gonna be a 600+ mile day!!